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TLMB Gaming

TLMB Gaming Official Trailer!

301 views 9 months ago
Tired of our trailer!? CLICK SUBSCRIBE! Hey guys it's Mike and Bill here with our channel all about gaming, good times and fun! We will be LP'ing the newest games on the market, doing reviews upon completion, unboxings and provide you with the most up to date gaming news. You can find us on Facebook here: http://goo.gl/8qBKD
Our upload schedule is: Weekly. Mainly Friday, Tuesday, and Sunday

We are always open to requests for games to play! TLMB will be playing games from every system ranging from the SNES all the way to the new PS4! Occasionally, we like to stream games on our Twitch Channel: http://goo.gl/YrfGu
If you would like to read our reviews sometimes check out our new website listed below or find us anywhere on the internet:
Facebook: http://goo.gl/opS39
Twitch: http://goo.gl/YrfGu
Twitter: http://goo.gl/FGqUq
Wordpress: http://goo.gl/bzxTeq
Google+: http://goo.gl/oT3km
Instagram: @TLMB13 Show less
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TLMB Mega Mini Game Mashup! (MMGM) Play

TLMB Gaming / LegendofMikeandBill are here every Friday to bring you something special; battles between friends in something we call Mega Mini Game Mashup (MMGM)! Every Friday we play minigames working together or against each other in games that require the utmost concentration. Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and many others are featured in this epic playlist.
Chris requested a speedrun...we try to do it as fast as we can...too bad it's a normal run
All our adventures in multiplayer ranging from Slayer to Big Team Slayer to Regicide to Flood.
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