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Lee Sankey

"The Man" by The Lee Sankey Group (modern blues)

8,389 views 6 years ago
At 2.40 check out the harmonica solo played on a dictaphone. "The Man" from the album "Tell Me There's A Sun" by the Lee Sankey Group. Live in Germany in 2004, featuring Ian Siegal on Vocals. Show less
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Tongue Blocking Course for Blues Harmonica (24 lessons) Play

If you are interested in learning or improving your Harmonica Tongue Blocking this in-depth 24 video series will be helpful. Packed with detailed, comprehensive, clear step by step instruction. Starting with an overview that dispels some of the myths, Lee then takes you from the basics through to how to integrate tongue blocking into your playing and advanced techniques.

Play Like A Harmonica Pro Play

4 part series by Lee Sankey demonstrating how to use some simple trade tricks used by professional harmonica players. These will quickly give you new options for adding some sparkle to your playing.

Seven Crucial Themes for Intermediate Harmonica Players Play

How can intermediate harmonica players move to the next level? What are the elements which makes the great players sound so good? In this series Lee Sankey explains seven themes which look at these questions. He provides ideas and examples which will help you maximise your existing techniques.
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