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Lee Hayward

Lee Hayward's Total Fitness Bodybuilding

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4 Day Bodybuilding Split Routine Play

This is a complete 4 day bodybuilding split routine that works all your major muscle groups. For this workout train 4 days per week (i.e. 2 days on and then take 1 day off).
Day 1 - Chest.
Day 2 - Back.
Day 3 - REST.
Day 4 - Legs.
Day 5 - Shoulders & Arms.
Day 6 - REST.
& Repeat.

3 Day Bodybuilding Split Routine Play

This is a 3 day bodybuilding split routine that you can follow. It works all the major muscle groups over the course of a 3 day workout program. Day 1: chest, shoulders, & triceps. Day 2: back & biceps. Day 3: legs & abs.
This is a basic beginners weight training workout that's ideal for guys who are new to working out. Or who are just getting back to the gym after a layoff from training.
These are all of my videos related to chest training and chest assistance exercises.
These are some of my best arm workouts for building up the biceps, triceps, and forearms.
Everyday I'm going to take a random question from my YouTube followers and post up a quick Video Q and A. My goal with these videos is to help share some tips and tricks that will make your workouts more productive and allow you to reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals faster.
These are some delicious and healthy high protein bodybuilding recipes that you can make.
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