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a video poem

McKee Adam
19 hours ago near Milwaukee

lost was the voice
that was never spoken
trust had a friend
called never again
I gave it a chance
and I regretted it
but why listen
when we can feel nothing
for free
we can give up
and no one will notice
because that requires
food for thought
and the thoughtless people
are forever hungry
asking to be entertained
begging for a chance to worship
that which they hate
on prime time
we need no commercial breaks
because we can't tell
the product
from the filler
flipped out
and clicked out
our resources have resorted to this
bankrupt is when we rob
morals for losers
dishonest was not created equal
eye of the beholder
is where the one eyed king rules
why be fair
fair maiden?
the taste test still comes up on top
when nothing is really offered
howl if you will
but the real wolves will get you
sheep's blood runs deep
all in a line
I want this picture to come into focus
stand on your mark
know your place
know your lines
we won't ask you again
the curtain calls it a career Show less
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