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Kush AndBeatz

Kon'science - Switch Flip (w/Lyrics) (Free Download) prod. by Fwego

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Kon'science - Switch Flip prod. by http://soundcloud.com/fwego...


Just Another Face In The Crowd (Free Download)

I Said..

I'm Lost in black thoughts
feeling blue what else is new
so much going on in my mind
lets light a couple few L's
walking down the street
paying attention to every detail
females alot of traffic
smell of pizza helps me breathe well
old couples window shopping
young boys in the sneaker store
always copping anything they dropping
see the bigger picture its tough (yall gonna see)
cause they be cropping
but you gonna see it one day
our motto is theres no stopping
and thats monday to sunday
taking no days off theres a problem
thinking ways to solve them (KushAndBeatz movement)
now its on to the next one
& we aiming for respect son
outter space with the jetsons
i be on my 1's & 2's
living how i want to (not caring bout reality)
i got a bike , a board , good music that you can bump too( thats all i need)
i need food in this jungle (starving)
playing no games putting words together no ruzzle
try to figure it out i hate puzzles
i get frustrated that becomes more trouble
so i play the cut with sounds that i can cut
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