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Dead Rising 3: Nightmare Mode Perfect Walkthrough Play

Dead Rising 3: Nightmare Mode Perfect Walkthrough
Nightmare mode is the classic mode, where the timer runs at the old DR1 and DR2 speed.

Yes, I got a Xbox one. Just for this game.
Here's my perfect walkthrough for another Dead Rising game. Better late than never. :P
Also I don't got smartglass. Never tried it, so dunno how it will effect this walkthrough (timing wise) if you do have it.

What's a Perfect Walkthrough?
- Start game from Level 1 and beat game with True Ending
- Rescue all recruit-able survivor
- Complete all Side Missions (Will be skipping survivor's dialogue to finish on time. Time management is the key to this whole Walkthrough, Nightmare mode)
- Reach Level 50 within this playthrough
- Try Save all encounter Stranded Survivors (Which I did saved all, unless there's some I never encounter before)
- Try get as much Achievements within this Playthrough
Made a new gamertag just so I can track what achievement was obtained in this perfect walkthrough.
(Well I could get all the achievement except the "Be a Dick" achievement within this playthrough but I don't want to drag on the boring stuff. Will explain later on how.)

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