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Mat Koenig

Mat Koenig is the best Keynote Speaker in the Automotive Industry

35 views 3 weeks ago
"Innovative, exciting, excellent information, not your typical speaker, best information I got at the workshop..." these are just some of the things people are saying about Mat Koenig, CEO of KonigCo and Auto Industry Speaker and marketing expert.

If you're looking for a Keynote Speaker that can bring quality information about Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing and Mobile lead generation for the Automotive Industry; you're looking for Mat Koenig. Check out these great testimonials about Mat Koenig from his session at Jim Ziegler's Sales Management Superconference in Dallas, Texas.

Mat Koenig is a 20 year Automotive Veteran, Creator of the Award Winning iCall AutoLeads (http://konig.co/icall) and the Ground Breaking mobile video marketing program for Automotive Dealers: iCar Video (http://konig.co/icar).

Mat is a professional speaker, sales trainer, and published author.
In 2014 Mat has been a featured speaker at Digital Dealer 16 in Atlantic City, NJ, Jim Ziegler's Sales Management Super Conference in Dallas, TX, The Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group in Charlotte, NC and will be a featured speaker again at Digital Dealer 17 in Las Vegas, NV September 23-25, 2014.

Register at http://digitaldealerconfere... and use the code DD17MK to save on your registration fee.

Learn more about Mat Koenig and his company at http://konig.co

The best mobile marketing for Automotive Dealers can be found at http://konig.co

For the best Mobile Video Conquest Marketing check out http://konig.co/icar today. Learn more at http://konig.co and see our collection of videos at http://icarmedia.com

Generate leads from local buyers who are already interested in your vehicle with iCall AutoLeads at http://konig.co/icall

Contact us today for more information on becoming a truly mobile dealership at http://konig.co/contact

To read books from Mat Koenig, CEO & Founder of KonigCo visit http://books.konig.co Show less
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Car Dealership Text Message Marketing Tool - iCall AutoLeads is the best mobile marketing SMS service for Auto Dealers Play

Many automotive dealers are trying to figure out the best way to use text messaging to connect with local car buyers. Text message marketing for car dealerships is very effective in the service department but with shoppers buying a vehicle every few years, it may not be the best choice for the sales department.

Car dealers who want the best text messaging tool to sell more cars should consider iCall AutoLeads, the best mobile marketing tool for dealers. iCall AutoLeads helps dealerships supercharge their current advertising and marketing efforts by increasing lead conversion on each source.

This text messaging tool helps automotive dealers learn which advertising sources are delivering the best return on investment. Not only can it help your dealership sell more vehicles, it can also help save dealerships thousands of dollars in unnecessary advertising spend.

These short videos help Auto Dealers learn more about using SMS (text messaging) to generate leads from local car buyers without increasing their current ad budgets through our easy to use iCall AutoLeads tool.

iCall AutoLeads was the recipient of PCG Consulting's Rising Star Award at NADA 2014 in New Orleans, LA and continues to drive new opportunities to automotive dealerships. Instead of using text messaging for outbound dealership advertising, iCall AutoLeads will help your dealership generate more phone ups with local car shoppers.

Every opportunity that iCall AutoLeads delivers the dealership includes a valid mobile phone number so that dealers can connect with buyers and stop the shop at the exact moment that they're viewing your ad.

Learn more about iCall AutoLeads at http://konig.co/icall today or email sales@konig.co with any questions.

If you'd like to receive a special offer for iCall AutoLeads, text iCall to 40691 in the U.S.* or in Canada you can text iCall to 71441. *

*Standard text, data, messaging rates apply.

KonigCo Products Play

If you want the best mobile marketing and lead generation tools for your dealership you've got to check out iCall AutoLeads, iCar Service Loyalty and iCar Video from KonigCo. Our mobile first thinking and commitment to simplicity is what helps our Dealers connect with local buyers and sell more vehicles. If you want the best automotive leads in the United States and Canada, visit http://konig.co today and check out iCall AutoLeads now!

The BEST Mobile Video SEO for Automotive Dealers iCar Video Play

These videos show live examples using Siri and asking her to "Google..."
In these videos you'll see real examples of our customers showing up on page one of mobile search with their videos when customers search for their competitors!
This is the power and simplicity of iCar Video.
Learn more today at http://konig.co/icar or visit http://icarvideomarketing.com

iCar Video is the best mobile video conquest marketing solution for dealers in the United States.

KonigCo Automotive Sales & Marketing Hangout Play

Your Dealership is looking for a way to get an unfair advantage over the competition and I do my best to help you make that happen on my Automotive hangout. Each week I share tips that help Car Dealerships increase sales and profit and discuss things like Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO), Internet Sales Department Strategies, Sales Process, Closing, Mobile Marketing, Motivating your Sales Team and more.

I have the best automotive industry experts as guests and they share tips that you can use for free in your dealership.

Tune in each week live on Monday mornings at 9am Eastern Time watch us live at http://konig.co/autohangouts

KonigCo provides the best mobile marketing for Automotive Dealers and we can help you increase lead conversion with your third party sites like http://cars.com http://edmunds.com http://autotrader.com and your own website. Learn more about how we can help your Dealership Increase sales and profit at http://konig.co

Helping the best get better,

Mat Koenig
CEO & Founder
KonigCo & iCarMedia.com

Connect with me on your favorite social networks:
Google+ - http://plus.google.com/+MatKoenigAuto
Facebook - http://facebook.com/konigco
Twitter - http://twitter.com/konigco
Instagram - http://instagram.com/konigco
My Blog - http://konig.co/blog
Tumblr - http://konigco.tumblr.com/
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