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Terranova | KOMPAKT Play

Terranova is an electronic dance music duo by DJs/producers Fetisch, &ME, based between Berlin and Paris.

Fetisch was born in Berlin and lives in Paris. Between those cities you will find a lot of music that he has had a stake in. Growing up between Brussels, London and New York, his knowledge of the electronic underground is as vast as the influence he has had on the scene - refusing to accept any borders in music is what has made him one of the most distinctive personalities in dance music you will ever find.

With a strong sense of punk and coming from a hip hop point of view, Fetisch spent his teenage nights at New York's legendary Mudd Club, Roxy and Paradise Garage. His career was launched spinning records at NY mainstays Danceteria and Tunnel, followed by an infamous first recording "Axis" in 1990 with the Stereo MCs released on Geest/Warlock Records. As this was the heyday of rave, he also could be regularly found DJing at illegal warehouse parties and at London's infamous Wag Club.

Having moved back to Berlin in the mid '90's, Fetisch formed Terranova in 1996 as a project with shifting members and various vocalists to create a blend of electronica, house, hiphop and punk. Terranova's first compilation was released as a part of the now legendary !K7 DJ Kicks series, they also stayed on with the label releasing the massively acclaimed 1999 debut album "Close The Door" which was recorded at Connie Planck's Cologne studio. The same landmark studio where Bowie recorded and Kraftwerk launched their career.

The list of contributors and collaborators with Terranova is rich and vast. They have worked with Manuel Göttsching ('Tokyo Tower'), Ari-up (The Slits), Tricky, Mike Ladd, Kaos, Cath Coffey and Princess Superstar amongst others. Terranova has been released through iconic dance labels such as Ministry of Sound, DJ Hells Gigolo Records, Compost,Island Records and !K7. After teaming up with &ME (the Ghanian DJ and founder of Keinemusik) in 2007, he signed with the famous imprint Kompakt from Cologne, the secret capital of German electronica. Following two massively received club singles "So Strong" and "I Want To Go Out", 2012 sees the release of their full length "Hotel Amour"- a blend of deep house, pop and electronica - which features the likes of Khan, Snax, Tomas Hoffding of Whomadewho, Billie Ray Martin, Nicolette Krebitz and actor legend Udo Kier.

Fetisch continues on his work with &ME, now a solid member of Terranova and their notorious famed act, The Lottergirls. They have also written and produced soundtracks for movies and Theatre, and a long list of remixes for groups as diverse as New Order, Roxy Music, Fisherspooner, Ennio Morricone, Gui Boratto... even Herbert Groenemeyer!

In their own words: "We grew up and got our education in clubs and will produce and play music until we drop."

GusGus | KOMPAKT Play

The Icelandic band Gus Gus originally spawned from a shortcut made by Siggi Kjartansson and Stefán Árni (a.k.a. Arni & Kinski) called "Pleasure". Initially the band was acclaimed as an avant-garde collective of musicians, producers, filmmakers and performers. They mixed together different mediums to create a unique mixture of sound and vision. Their trademark style is combined with funky bass, streamlined synths and the intelligent use of technology and art. Árni & Kinski did the visual part and the musical side was driven by Birgir Þórarinsson (a.k.a. Veiran), Stephan Stephenssen (a.k.a President Bongo), Magnús Guðmundsson (a.k.a. Herb Legowitz). The live band was fronted by singers Daníel Ágúst, Hafdís Huld and Magnús Jónsson (a.k.a. Blake).

Gus Gus is an electronic soul band formed in 1995. A short brake in a making of the shortcut made it possible for the first Gus Gus self-titled album to be born. In 1996 the band signed to 4AD Records that released their widely acclaimed second album "Polydistortion". "This Is Normal" followed in 1999 and finally "Gus Gus vs T-World" appeared in 2000. During the 4AD years, Gus Gus started touring massively, stirring the music world with their powerful live-show. The touring life was stressful for the nine some and eventually called for changes within the line up. Six original members left and the three remaining producers (Veiran, President Bongo and Herb Legowitz) soon found hope in a new female singer, Earth aka Urður Hákonardóttir. The band has ever since focused on being a musical entity.

In 2002 Gus Gus re-appeared with their 4th studio album "Attention" which includes their most successful dance floor hit "David". On the album the band teamed up with the legendary producer Gareth Jones and Finnish multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor. The album demonstrates a sharply focused club-band full of creativity and even more energetic than ever. Daníel Ágúst

Gus Gus just released there 7th studio album, Arabian Horse, on Kompakt, Germany.

The Field | KOMPAKT Play

Stockholm's own, Axel Willner aka THE FIELD joined the KOMPAKT family back in 2005 with the release of his cherished 12" debut "Things Keep Falling Down". His adoration for KOMPAKT co-owner Wolfgang Voigt's GAS and M:I:5 projects from the '90's and the shoegazer rock of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine brought forward a new fusion of ambient and techno that nobody here can ever recollect being accomplished (post-Pop Ambient anyone?). The road was paved and continued on with a remix of ANNIE that leapt onto the web - THE FIELD immediately became a cult favourite amongst the blogging community which continues to be the case to this day. Take for instance last year's remix of VICE RECORDS Scandinavian rockers, 120 DAYS. Found on well over 200 blogs and web zines, this exposed THE FIELD to a whole new realm of fans. With his 2nd single for KOMPAKT "Sun & Ice" (which appears on "FROM HERE WE GO SUBLIME") and a remix for JAMES FIGURINE (of POSTAL SERVICE fame) we now arrive here... As many who read these over zealous blurbs well know, it's almost never that we cry out that overused word 'groundbreaking' when it comes to inflating the music KOMPAKT support's...we won't this time either as THE FIELD is deserving of being credited with terminology much more significant. What he's created for his album debut is absolutely special has truly touched all of us here. We hope the same for you. Samples abound throughout the songs found on "FROM HERE WE GO SUBLIME" immediately giving you a feeling of warmth and familiarity on a first listen that you can't quite grasp...like a warm glove on a cold winters day. THE FIELD's music literally breathes. Harmonious drones mingle with a dizzying swell and reversed motion of bass drums and euphony. There is a ceaseless signature familiar to all his music, but that's the most exciting part of THE FIELD - the beautiful dynamic of beats and space that exists in his endless cycle.

Justus Köhncke | KOMPAKT Play


From punkrock to acid, ballads to techno, "Whirlpool" to "KOMPAKT" - cologne-based producer, singer and DJ Justus Köhncke has surely come a long way.

Justus started off in the late 80s with his first project "Blood And Honey", a Düsseldorf-based duo doing nothing but electronic versions of Amanda Lear songs. After moving to cologne in 1990, Justus, heavily influenced by house music, began producing tracks with different people, especially DJs Hans Nieswandt and Eric D. Clark. At this time, he started spinning his own special mixture of records in the cologne scene as well.

From 1992 to 2000 he, Eric and Hans, under their "Whirlpool Productions" moniker, released four full-length albums for Ladomat, Motor and WEA, as well as countless 12 inches and remixes. They are especially known for their 1996 club classic "From: Disco To: Disco" which became a major hit across europe and held the #1 spot in the italian pop charts, summer 1997, for five weeks.

After WPP split up, Justus started releasing under his own name. His first solo album, "Spiralen der Erinnerung" (1999), consisted of very personal electronic interpretations of his favourite classics by the likes of John Cale, Neil Young or Hildegard Knef and also introduced Köhncke as a fragile and soulful vocalist.

But disco was never dead for him. He continued rocking the cologne bars and dancefloors as a DJ and developed his very own sci-fi-techno-disco production style. After signing with his old cologne rave buddies on the reowned KOMPAKT label in 2001, he dropped his now-trademark 12 inches "Jet/Shelter" and "2 After 909" as well as his series of Chic-Hommage-Tracks, "SCIENCE 210X".

2002 saw the release of his first solo album for KOMPAKT, "Was Ist Musik", which combined the clubby side of his music and his very special approach towards german-language electronic pop songs. "Doppelleben", the 2005 album release, pushed this duality even further, prompting the US paper "Seattle Weekly" to coin the term "nü-german compu-soul".

2004's 12" release "Timecode" turned out to become his biggest disco smash so far, ruling the floors that summer. His club tracks have been licensed on countless compilations and mix-CDs, including ones by Erlend Øye, Steve Bug, DJ Hell or Felix Da Housecat. In recent years, Justus has produced remixes for Chelonis R. Jones, Ladytron, Mylo, Andreas Dorau, Erasure, Stereo Total and Hot Chip, among others.Whether it's working at the DJ booth, a club stage, or some grimy bar, Justus is forever passionate and heartfelt, never forgetting why the 4/4-bassdrum was invented in the first place. That is: FOR US TO SHARE!


Clips from around the world featuring live shows from Kompakt events.
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