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Macadam Mambo Edits MME808 Play

After a nice serie of great edits on the previous Macadam Mambo records, Guillaume Des Bois brings us 3 super cool re-edits of deep balearic, afro and funky music. Top class you've just got to check on the list!

Macadam Mambo Trax MMX404 Play

Japenese guy, Takeshi Kouzuki is well known for his productions on Mathematics, Abstract Acid or Hotmix. He has demonstrated his talent as a producer on every single track he has released.
And we are really glad to deliver this EP with 3 awesome tracks of "Nu-Chicago House", Acid and Jakbeat music, be certain that the voodoo is this wax.
Whirlind will hypnotize you with its beautiful acidic melodies.
Aoiro is a massive jakbeat raw track on which you can feel the influence of traditional Japanese music, absolute dancefloor killer!
Moon is just beautiful in all those points, it will put you in the trance, Takeshi is a master of perfection so far!

Macadam Mambo Edits MME707 Play

Let's continue the Macadam Mambo Edits series with a new EP by notorious digger/DJ Raphael Top Secret (Creme2lacreme, Noncollective).
This selection of edits is just totally brilliant!! Here are four pure pieces of obscure, magnificent music.
No need for extended chit chat, just have a quick listen, it's infectious! This Belgium resident sure won't keep
his secrets for long.

Macadam Mambo Trax MMX303 Play

MMX303 is almost ready, and we are so proud to deliver this amazing release of Mituo Shiomi on our Macadam Mambo Trax series. This Japanese producer has already released a brilliant EP on Hotmix Records last year with Takeshi Kouzuki. His music is very special, a kind of "lo-fi Chicago House", sometimes very raw, sometimes very poetic. Here we've got all the styles, two strong floor burner with Pierce and Peak Meter, and two beautiful atmospheric tracks with Fine Female and Good Morning Mr. Ear. Be certain that Mituo is definitively the guy to follow for the next years. Essential must have!
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