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Chinese Business - GTA IV Machinima 1/3

1,652 views 2 years ago
The machinima is about Vadim and his problems with paying his debt.He decides to steal a bag with coke and sell it to chinese people.He calls to his old friend Max for a help.The movie starts when Vadim is kept by triad in some old magazine and then there's a flashback that shows how Vadim got in this crap. Show less
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Muggers Play

Here's my first voiced machinima.See how Ryan and his crew are trying to get some cash with police on their back.Movie with full of action,comedy and love.

The Idiots Play

Watch 3 parts of the craziest movies in San Andreas and GTA IV.

Klient00 Shorts Play

Here you can watch my short videos I did in Grand Theft Auto IV and some other games that you might like.
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