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finish her off - Live @ Moscow Hollywood 3/19/14

25 views 3 months ago
scalding showers don't wash off guilt. self worth makes me a hypocrite.
swirling down the drain in a spiral. cling to that forever just pray it finds you in love. you're always in love. insecurities oh its so hard to trust. in anyone. when they just use you for sex. promiscuity is an orphan on my doorstep. it needs attention and that makes me sick. how can I breed love if its death I wish. on everyone. push away your friends. am i independent...well that just depends Show less
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Livings In Fashion(Live Songs) Play

Enjoy. Apparently playing a decent amount, as well as having a rather rockstar cast.
In no order the current players over the last 6 months have been:
Sheldon J. - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar(poorly)
Brianna T. - Vocals/Bass Guitar
Evan J. - Drums/Playback
Movses S. - Lead Guitar
Adrian T. - Drums/Playback
Jaime A. - Drums/Playback
Josh C. - Guitar
Taylor T. - Drums
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