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Family Math Night

Nifty Numbers Family Math Night in ACTION

1,557 views 2 years ago
http://www.familymathnight.com Where do you find a roomful of kids and parents sitting side-by-side, giggling, and chatting....about math? A Nifty Numbers Family Math Night event, of course!

Math and giggles? You bet! Nifty Numbers brings together all ages in a relaxed go-at-your-own-pace environment where doing math is actually a ton of fun. There are projects to create, games to play, even opportunities for kids to try and stump mom and dad! Consider it the fun way of getting math homework done.

Teachers love it! All the Nifty Numbers activities reinforce what goes on in the classroom
Administrators love it! Nifty Numbers is a great way to share with parents the current math standards.
Parents love it! It's a great way to build strong family-school partnerships.
And kids love it! They've never had so much fun doing math.

In fact, the most popular quote from kids is, "So when can we do another family math night?" And when kids say that about math...well, that's saying something.

So come join the fun. Purchase your Nifty Numbers kit and watch as kids, moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, aunts and uncles discover the wonders of math...together.

For more information on our family math night events, please visit: http://www.familymathnight.com

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