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Kid Contra-M.M.O.M.M. (My Money on my Mind)...The Wolf of Rap Street (Track #7)

2,414 views 5 months ago
What up! Kid Contra here! This is track number 7 off of my new album 'The Wolf of Rap Street.' This track is called M.M.O.M.M. (My Money on my Mind.) The song encompasses the idea of how money can become a person's number one focus. Please rate, comment, share, subscribe and download.
Peace, Love and...Hip-Hop!
I got (My money on my mind) X4
Verse 1
I got them Presidents on my mind, I don't even like to vote
Mount Rushmore, in my pocket now I feel a little hope
I just want a little more, like I'm yearning for some dope
Yeah I know, I tend to shove this dead horse down your throat
But I cannot act and I cannot lie gotta tell you what I've really seen
What I've really seen is poverty since I was just my father's seed
These money tree ambitions... planted in me from a young age
A dark age, an ice age, cuz the damn utilities never got paid
People I knew had big dreams...vehicles, houses
Perfect 10 spouses, Godiva chocolate fountains
Infinite money countin', carpel tunnel for accounts
And the ego maniacs that I know want their God dammed face on a mountain
But me I'm just a simple man like a punk band had a simple plan
Roof over head, food in my belly, car that works, cash in my hand
But a few decades with no change, financial status no change
My circumstances had to change cuz no change makes a man deranged
I got (My money on mind) X4
Verse 2
Money, money, money, like The Million Dollar Man theme
Hum that tune as I go to sleep cuz I got them millionaire dreams
Every man has a price; my price is more, more
Bring a condom and a prenup every time that I meet a whore, whore
Don't plan on losing my money on any type of frivolous shit
That's Rob Dydrek type of shit that's just plain ridiculousness
I'll have my money, even if I never have packed stadiums screaming my name
Cuz I pinch a penny so hard I got Abraham Lincoln screaming from the grave
(My money on my mind) Grab this sample by the balls
Assist the game like Chris Paul, Insurance for the game like Cliff Paul never drop the ball
Can't afford to do so gotta make my money hand over fist, Otherwise I ain't got a pot to piss
This debt got me trapped like 2pacalypse, I'm saving like an apocalypse
Is upon us now need to get paid, starting to sound like my landlord
Starting to sound like bill collectors, collection plates and Scam whores
Being broke is torture, water board
Going off the rails on a crazy train being broke got me paranoid Osbourne
I got (My money on mind) X4
Verse 3
I got money on my mind every single day, money on my mind every single night
Money on my mind even when I fuck, money on my mind even when I'm drunk
Money on mind with every breathe, follow paper trails with every step
Money on mind even when I sleep, millionaire thoughts that haunt my dreams
Money on mind, yeah I know, yeah I know I sold my soul
Sold my soul to get this flow and use this flow to make that dough
Money on my mind occupied preoccupied by occupation
Money on my mind till the day I die till my wallet's fat like our population
I got (My money on mind) X4 Show less
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