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Derek Lieu

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Relaunch Trailer

39,213 views 2 years ago
My take on a trailer for Uncharted 3! This one took a lot more work than my trailer for Uncharted 2, so if you're interested in how I made this, click the description!

Two Steps From Hell - Code of Honor
Two Steps From Hell - Rocket Hammer
Two Steps From Hell - Armored Cars
Two Steps From Hell - Hara-Kiri
Two Steps From Hell - Armada
Two Steps From Hell - King's Legion (No choir)
Immediate Music - Sixty Voice Rise 1
Immediate Music - Sixty Voice Rise 2

Uncharted 3 raw logo by Josh Zachary (http://jaz350z.deviantart.c...)

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This is my second game trailer that I've done all my own capture for. I used a Blackmagic Intensity Pro to capture from my PS3 via component input. I captured myself playing just about the entire game except for the last couple chapters because I didn't want to get TOO spoilery.

It's weird to say, but for this trailer I wanted to make it more "trailer-like." What I mean is that I realized that music doesn't usually transition directly from one piece to the next in most professional trailers. In most trailers each piece of music comes to a stop and is sandwiched by a bit of action or a joke. So I tried my best to break up the trailer like this and I think it made a better trailer overall. I like my Uncharted 2 trailer, but looking back on it, the music is what bothers me the most for the first two thirds.

While I edit I think I tend to mix music too low and also sound effects too low. So I did notice after doing this that my sound effects sounded better. Still, I'd be very curious to hear what it would sound like if done by someone who knows what they're doing. I did a lot of tweaking afterwards mostly around boosting the dialogue.

Thanks to Naughty Dog for creating another great game!

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