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Keep A Breast Foundation

Shaney Jo Darden Talks Life, Art And Breast Cancer - Presented by Werewolves and Silver Bullets

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In 1999 when Shaney jo Darden discovered a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, she set out to make a difference in a way that honored her friend's passion: art. As a result, Keep A Breast was born as a unique art concept developed to showcase the physical and emotional challenges of breast cancer. Shaney enlisted a group of female volunteers, and wrapped their upper torsos in strips of plaster-soaked gauze. Once hardened and removed, these white plaster forms were distributed to Modart artists like Shepard Fairey, to be used as blank canvases. In that moment, Shaney sparked a new conversation about breast cancer; one that was unique, creative, and relevant to young people.

It wasn't just how Shaney engaged people, it is what she has engaged them with: prevention. While being deeply invested in finding a cure, she is helping young women make everyday choices that give them the best opportunity to beat cancer. For example, street art all over the world is inspiring young people to join the "Non-Toxic Revolution," a movement what warns against the dangers of toxic chemicals in their environment and food supply—especially those linked to the initiation of breast cancer.

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Video by: Werewolves And Silver Bullets

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About The Keep A Breast Foundation:
The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. Our mission is to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. We provide support programs for young people impacted by cancer and educate people about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment.

The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is headquartered in the United States as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. We are supported in fulfilling our mission by international partners Keep A Breast Canada, Keep A Breast Europe, and Keep A Breast Japan. Show less
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Non Toxic Revolution Play

Non Toxic Revolution's™ mission is to inform, educate and inspire young people to revolt against the dangers of toxic chemicals in their environment and food supply especially those linked to the initiation of breast cancer. Its aim is to focus on prevention as a means to maintaining long-term health and well-being. NTR also provides alternative choices so that young people everywhere can make smart changes.

NTR is part of The Keep A Breast Foundation's™ mission to encourage youth to embrace prevention as a deterrent to breast cancer and other breast diseases and cancers.

This Is My Story Campaign Play

Through written and video testimony, young people impacted by breast cancer get a chance to express their inner feelings, make connections with others and learn coping strategies helpful to them and their loved ones. Keep A Breast records these testimonies and posts them on the KAB site, Facebook page and YouTube channel for the benefit of others.

KAB/YSC Treasured Chest Program Play

The Keep A Breast (KAB) and Young Survival Coalition (YSC) Treasured Chest Program gives women who are diagnosed with breast cancer an opportunity to document their journeys with a Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Cast™, a hand-made plaster form of their torsos, which they hand paint as a part of art therapy. The KAB/YSC Treasured Chest Program's goal is to give women who are diagnosed with breast cancer an opportunity to document their bodies and emotions during their treatment by turning their casted torso into a work of art.
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