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【S.K.Y】START DASH!! ☆ Love Live! School Idol Cosplay【踊ってみた】

2,979 views 5 months ago
Love Live! School Idol Project Cosplay Dance Cover
by : S.K.Y Team
Me (Kazamanina) as Honoka Kousaka
Kiky Handany as Kotori Minami
Aquamarine Pearl as Umi Sonoda

Cameraman, photo and sound thanks to Kenniko, Rivaldi, and Saif

Its been a long time, I didnt add my new cosplay videos, I've been busy for many things happened last year and I'm not in my old team anymore for some private reasons, But in my spare time, I still doing cosplay, yeah, this time me in S.K.Y dance cover team (actually this not really a team name, its just our initial name combined *lol) we rarely practiced, so we're sorry if there still many missed part :( we really enjoying the dance and the song, and this is just for fun. thank you very much for watching our video.

we do not own anything exept our cosplay
here is the real dance from the anime https://www.youtube.com/wat... Show less
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