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Monica Germino

INDUSTRY - Michael Gordon - version for adapted violin&distortion, LIVE by monica germino

5,236 views 6 years ago
excerpt from INDUSTRY, by Michael Gordon. Version for adapted violin and effects; live in Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
-This was recorded through mixing desk- so, bit of a sound approximation here...therefore also the distortion & difference tones aren't really balanced within the sound. You'll have to come hear it live!
A personal note about Michael Gordon's Industry:
For years I have been fascinated with Michael Gordon's modern-day classic piece, Industry (written in 1993, for solo cello and distortion). He translated his vision of the cello as "an instrument made of steel and the size of a football field" into sound. The piece has an incredibly slow, intense build-up and sounds nothing like a classical solo string piece. It defies categorization. Michael asked me to create the definitive violin version of Industry, and sent me the cello score. I kept the score around and puzzled with it off and on for a couple of years. I came up with a rather extreme solution: using an adapted, amplified, extreme scordatura violin plus octave machine and distortion. I worked closely with my sound engineer Frank van der Weij to accomplish this feat. This combination of adapted violin and effects has been referred in the press to as 'elegant rock' (Trouw, NL) and 'a tour-de-force of slowly rising intensity' (Daily Telegraph, UK)
Many thanks to the FAPK, the Dutch Foundation for the Performing Arts, for supporting the groundbreaking work we did in this area. --Monica Germino http://www.telegraph.co.uk/... Show less
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