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The Lightning Strike ϟ ||700+ Subscribers ♥||

883 views 1 year ago
HD Please! ♥
I realize...that this video...is long overdue XD
I have had over 700 subscribers for a while and not been very active except for the ATC...
But between school which I am graduating this year and the fact that I am trying to find a job it's kinda hard to edit...I've also been drawing more because I got an Instagram for my art and it has inspired me with all of the other artists on there.
My Instagram is "warriorwolfeh" if you were wondering :3

Anyway onto the video!
This took roughly 7 hours because I didn't know how to do a lot of things and I did a lot of tweaking and changing things and of course, Vegas kept crashing, but that's not really new news (lol).
This was not my original planned 700 subs video, I have another one I am working on that was sup post to be it, but this one was finished first so, here you are! I also have another full animash on the way, it is done I just have to find time to upload it. Please give me feedback on this!
I know I cut the song but this was actually for a talent show thing and I had to finish it for the deadline, so I had to cut the song in order to have it done on time.

I hope you guys like it, I never imagined I would get this many subscribers from just a hobby ❤
Although I don't ALWAYS reply to people comments, I do cherish each and every one of them, I also cherish the few friends I have made on here who give me feedback and kind words. I'm not the most persistent in talking to people on here, so I apologize if a conversation ends when you reply to me...I do appreciate you, I just sometimes don't know what to say :/

Anyways I will stop typing now :P Thank you for watching! I love you all so much!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own ANYTHING in this video. The footage is not mine and neither is the audio. This is solely for my entertainment/enjoyment only and I am in no way gaining any profit from this video whatsoever.

Song: The Lightning Strike by The Snow Patrol
Footage: Walt Disney Studios and Dreamworks Studios
Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 Show less
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