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Karl Hepler

Karl Hepler - Until the Morning Comes

7,883 views 2 years ago
Until the Morning Comes

Verse 1:

Soon we dance on tired feet
Singing loudly
The old front porch will start to creak
As we play madly
'til the morning comes

Verse 2:

When the shadows stretch for miles
and night is calling
I'll put down my hammer for a while
and let the music ring
'til the morning comes

Verse 3:

As the flames begin to wilt
We'll be laughing
Hoping for this eve to still
but the day will end
and we'll be back again


Let's go boys
Double that load
Working our fingers right down to the bone
We gotta keep on working 'til the day is done
Then we'll go home with the setting sun Show less
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