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The Star Wars Mashup Channel

831 views 1 year ago
Mashups between Star Wars and TV-series and some occational other mashed-up content. Show less
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Enjoy what Star Wars would look like if it was a TV-series.
  • Star Wars / Love Boat opening

    So finally after a long time I'm back with another mashup. This time it's the Love Boat that gets mashed up. Well.. this version might be a loveboat if you work for the empire;)

    I would als...
  • Star Wars / A-Team opening

    I'm back.. this time with Star Wars as the A-Team. There has been many requests and many was this one, so here it is. Sit back, relax and enjoy!!!
    I'll guess there will be a lot of discussions abo...
  • Star Wars / Macgyver opening

    Well.. Here I am again with another mashup. This time it's Macgyver that gets to be Star Wars. Hope you enjoy!
  • Star Wars / Airwolf Rebels

    Here we go again ;) This time with the Airwolf theme. Good series, godd intro, good music. The Imperial version is up now too.. so enjoy!
  • Star Wars / Airwolf Imperial

    Well.. since I've done Rebels, I had to do the Imperial side as well. Here it is, with a little twist in the cast, sort of ran out of bad guys ;)
  • Star Wars / Dallas opening

    What the Star Wars would look like if it was the Dallas TV-series ;)
    And while you're here.. check out my Star Wars / Airwolf openings too.. ;) Enjoy!

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