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Let's Walk Through Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor [NEW] Play

"As He proclaimed...this world, created in seven days, shall be destroyed with the sounding of seven trumpets.
You who have a will, fear the numbers your eyes shall see.
Fear the time left..."

It's an ordinary day. You're supposed to be spending time with your friends, Atsuro and Yuzu, and your cousin, Naoya. Instead, he gives you three modified COMPs, or Communication Players, that suddenly summon demons and make the three of you demon tamers. You also receive emails predicting the future, and you can see "death clocks" above people's heads, a countdown to their deaths.

Soon after, Tokyo is put under lockdown, and you see that most people's clocks are set to seven days - at the most. What's going to happen? Can you survive?

Devil Survivor is part of the Japanese Shin Megami Tensei franchise, by Atlus.
This particular SRPG sports a turn-based battle system, an events system where you interact with various characters, and six alternate endings depending on what events you've caused - or not.

Strategic maneuvering, against-the-clock event-pursuing, and what might be a hellish Last Day.

(Description taken from darkenedsakura's walkthrough, I couldn't have put it any better.)

Find the old LWT here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=E4A469415A5A11A2

Let's Play Phoenix Wright: AA - Rise from the Ashes Play


Let's Play of the special case made especially for the Nintendo DS release of Ace Attorney and it includes more scientific investigating of the crime scenes.

We follow Phoenix Wright and Ema Skye (familiar from Apollo Justice) as they struggle to prove that Ema's sister, Lana Skye, is not a murderer. But there is much more to the murder of a detective than one would ever imagine...

Welcome to the courtroom!

Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages [COMPLETE] Play

Welcome to an adventure where the fate of the world rests yet again on one very famous boy...

Oracle of Ages and it's counterpart, Oracle of Seasons, were released on Gameboy Color.

This LP contains sword-swinging, fair maidens, evil witches, controllable animals, suckage, minigames, cool music and everything else you'd look for in a Zelda-LP.
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