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Peekaboo Parrots

Happy Friday!

16,326 views 2 weeks ago
Hi from Bowie and the pretty fake flowers backdrop :) have a nice weekend everyone! Show less
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  • Bowie The Silent Star

    • 1 hour ago
    And the ticking of the clock....
    Bowie is very tired from always being "on", so he is taking a little break from it all ;)
    Perhaps we should also learn from Bowie & take a silent break from it all...
  • Happy Easter Everybirdy!

    • 4 days ago
    Easter 2014, Bowie my 5 yr old ringneck, Koolaid & Smokey are Pacific Parrotlets, 6 & 5 y/o.
    They are eating diced veggies with Harrison's bird mash.
    Happy Easter to everyone, thanks for all the ...
  • Smokey Ventures Out

    • 1 week ago
    Smokey is a dilute blue Pacific Parrotlet. She's gone through a lot within the last few years--she's had 4 clutches (14 babies all together) had her toes bitten by Koolaid her hubby & former bird f...
  • Happy Friday!

    • 2 weeks ago
    Hi from Bowie and the pretty fake flowers backdrop :) have a nice weekend everyone!
  • Share?

    • 4 weeks ago
    Bowie doesn't wanna share his orange :p
    Bowie is a Ringneck & PaiMei is an almost 1yr old Maltese.

    PaiMei's youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyLittlePaiMei
  • Bowie's 5th Birthday!

    • 4 weeks ago
    Bowie turned 5 on Sunday March 23, 2014. He got lots of millet, toys & attention throughout the day. Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes & love!
    More about birds at http://www.facebook....

Bowie - Male Indian Ringneck--hatchdate Mar 23, 2009 Play

Bowie is a male Lutino Indian Ringneck I brought him home at 11 weeks from Victoria BC in June 2009. His hatchdate was March23, 2009. He had a 2 hr ferry ride, but was with someone the whole way.
He started making word sounds at 5 months & talking at around 8 months.

Note not all birds will talk, but Indian Ringnecks (and most males in the bird species) are more vocal. That is not to say they will talk though. It is however encouraged by talking to them in varying tones.

Taming an Indian Ringneck is the same with other pet birds - handraised birds will be easier, and the pressure of the beaks (ie drawing blood) will vary during their growing years. A good resource for reading to start, is IndianRingneck.com, as well as countelss other sources of information in books and on the internet. It is said to interact and handle your ringneck daily or it can revert back to being nippy;wild.

Bee - Male Budgie, hatchdate approx Aug, 2011 Play

I purchased Bee from PJ Pets in Richmond, BC. I had him DNA'd. Bee is MALE. His approximate hatchdate was August, 2011. I am not sure if he was handraised but he is a fairly calm budgie & very social with other birds. He is fearless around the other birds, likes to pose & can be very stoic.
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