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words on a page are dead until they are read - poieo a 365 day poetry project: anonymous strangers reading poems out loud and on the spot - Enjoy the art of poetry. Read a poem out loud to yourself and give it life -

I took the book and the camera and went outside. I walked the streets and no matter where I went I asked people if they would like to read from this book of poems while I filmed them.

To my pleasant surprise most people said yes.

What I like best about this project is at the very end, when people finish reading the poem, there is a wonderful expression on their face - there is a look of something genuine and innocent, something pure meeting threads of the self-conscience.

It's nice to see people trying hard, struggling a bit, reflecting in the moment as they read and then seeing the transition from introspection clashing gently with reality.

I think this is why people like poetry, it lifts one up and out of the self - there's just no helping it.

I hope you enjoy all these little beauties in your day.

~ Project Start Date 18 June 2011 ~

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internet fans join the project by submitting your recorded video clip of the word and definition of of poier

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