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Just Cause 2 - Best Jet Stunt Ever

4,817 views 2 years ago
Wow! I finally landed the Skull Island Jet Challenge :D. Nobody's ever landed this before, and I'm not surprised. It was incredibly difficult. If you liked this stunt, you should check my channel again soon. I've almost finished editing a Jet Stunting video in GTA San Andreas, starring DuKtape, Viper, and Shadowsniper (that's me).

Thanks to Waken4Productions for the idea (check out his Just Cause 2 videos, they're amazing). All footage is from the PC version with the maximum graphics settings.

Note: You have to lift above the gap at 0:48 to complete this stunt. You can get through the top part without lifting, but you can't angle back down into the next area without crashing. That's why you have to loop through the top and come back down :) Show less
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