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Lupin III - Dead or Alive Abridged

9,797 views 6 months ago

ThornBrain -- Lupin III, Warden
hbi2k -- Daisuke Jigen, MIT Graduate, Cop #3
TehEx0rcist -- Ishikawa Goemon, Rebel #2
Megami33 -- Fujiko Mine, Nerdy Fangirl
ShazMyBot -- Inspector Zenigata
Antfish -- General Facestabber
TheActingJern -- Crisis
RevyMoonshine -- Oleander
MasakoX -- Punnish
SheldonDelanoKiller -- Café Owner, Informing Soldier, Rebel #3
LordDalek -- Mechanic, Officer #1
FoggleAR -- Lieutenant, Inmate, Officer #2
jurpentine -- Spanky, The Nanomachine,
Unfortunate Thug #1, Unfortunate Thug #2,
Unhelpful Citizens,Tourist, Shrugging Barkeep, Homeless Man, Rebel #1
BloodyMarquis -- Department of Education Crony #1
Brent Spiner -- Department of Education Crony #2
YugiManaYuGiOhGX5Ds -- Teacher
SamTheGreek -- Soldier #1
CardboardLawyer -- Lover of Show

LUPIN III IS ALL OWNED BY TMS Studios, Monkey Punch, Geneon, FUNimation, and Discotek Media.

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