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Junoflo - Crew [MV]

2,378 views 3 months ago
Maaad Crew..
Download 'Crew' @ https://soundcloud.com/juno...

Filmed&Edited by: David Cao (https://www.facebook.com/da...)

All my music for download @ http://junoflo.bandcamp.com

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/junoflo
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Insta: http://instagram.com/junoflo

Yo it's the crew..
We comin thru..

Mira, yo yo
I keeps it raw and like a boulder yall can't move me
I quit my old job, sick of serving sushi
But I'll still serve your ass right on a silver platter
Push you off the ladder, get my pockets fatter
It feel good when I walk the street
Everybody triple take tryna get like me
They sweat like Deez NUUUTS
Like I'm DRE & S-N-double-O-P from Eastside LB
I don't pay attention to the current events
I currently spent my money to go sin & repent
We going ignant
But only for the weekend right?
Schizophrenic with my suit & cape like Clark Kent
Like the DJ, I got more kicks than yall fit
And this ring on my finger worth more than your whip
And the snitches better back up and pack up bags
I know yall don't know your asians, so I rep my flag
Something colder than ice run in these veins
See I'm bringin' the ruckus, I'm bringin' the pain
I'm spittin' insane, they sayin, is Juno deranged?
Real recognize real when it come to this game
So let me show you where the dough at
Like Mef & Red I blow the welcome off yo doormat
I sneak a peek to see where 5-0 at
Cuz you know I need a dollar like I'm Aloe Blacc
Ok yo I said a need a dollar
I freestyle the rest of this verse so come and holla
Junoflo, yall don't know?
Come and ask me
And if not, fuck out my face.. Crabtree

Yo it's the crew (who)
We comin' thru (ooh)
So I'm suggestin' that you prolly move (ooh)
I body one (who)
I body two (doo!doo!)
If you bringing the beef, I'm finna makin' stew (ooh) Show less
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Junoflo's first mixtape, The Dreamer. o9.23.11.
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