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Joshua Chislett

Finnick Odair - A Hunger Games Story TEASER TRAILER

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Enter the world of The Hunger Games as we follow 14 year old Finnick Odair through the dangerous arena of The 65th Annual Hunger Games.
A week has passed and it's down to the final five Tributes. Meet new characters like Finnick's ally, Adela, from District 6 who has made it into the Career group alongside District 1 and 2.

Finnick Odair -- A Hunger Games Story
Caleb Angus, Rebeca MacKinnon, Brandon McKnight, Arya Thakrar
Original Score - David J St Hill
Directed, Written, Filmed - Joshua Chislett


A Hunger Games Fan Film.


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Cirrus Quell - A Hunger Games Story Play

"Cirrus Quell - A Hunger Games Story"
Starring Christian Von Krause, Jenny Orellana-Giron, Emeka Agada, Brandi Shink, Nathaniel Voll, Jessie Brush, Billy Chandler, and Kamil Machnik
Directed, Edited, and Filmed by Joshua Chislett
Written By Christian Von Krause and Joshua Chislett
Plot Synopsis:
Set 51 years before Katniss Everdeen stepped foot in the arena was Cirrus Quell, the 17 year old District 7 volunteer for the 23rd Annual Hunger Games. The real reason why the Quarter Quell was created.

Filmed with a Canon T2i/T3i DSLR
Edited in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro

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