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  • Beach Boys Today is oneof the greatest albums of the 60s and the present. There has rarely been a selection of such romantic, utterly beautiful and touching songs played and sung so gorgeously as the 'second side' of Today. The orchestral fadeout on In The Back Of My Mind is as brilliant as Strawberry Fields Forever's ending. The beat songs that start the album are so darn catchy too. Thank heaven for us having THe beach Boys and Beatles to eternally enjoy.

    The Beach Boys - Kiss Me Baby (HQ Stereo, 1965)

    Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love and produced/arranged by Wilson, "Kiss Me Baby" was recorded for the 1965 "The Beach Boys Today!" album. Subsequently, it was released as a 45 single for the "...
  • Eric was the driving force with love to pay tribute to his 'husband-in-law' George Harrison. Reserved maybe, cold...absolutely not.

    Paul Mccartney funny, Dani Harrison, Concert for George

    concert for George Harrison, Beatles, Eric Clapton
  • The greatest artists are all about Love. Ella, Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, The Beatles, Brian Wilson. Real universal Love...that's what we humans crave most of all.

    Ella Fitzgerald - Sammy Davis Jr. 60th Anniversary Celebration (1990)

    ►►Best viewed in full screen 720p HD◄◄

    In 1990 Debbie Allen, Anita Baker, Diahann Carrol, Neil Carter, Bill Cosby, Tony Danza, Lola Falana, Ella Fitzgerald, Goldie Hawn, Gregory Hines, Bob Hope, W...
  • What a fantastic comment "We dance Love. We dance Joy". All the greatest people on earth, certainly in entertainment are huge romantics. Love, as importantant as oxygen and water.

    Gene Kelly Accepts the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1985

    Gene Kelly accepts the 13th AFI Life Achievement Award (1985).


  • Great to hear from you Bobshenix. You are right, I'm exactly double your age and was lucky enough to have heard I Get Around at the time of release in 1964. I am blessed to have lived my youth as all this great music was being released. My favourite ever Christmas present was The Beatles White Album in Dec. 1968, what a treasure chest of musical pleasures and surprises that was. And the joy the Beach Boys Sunflower and Today albums gave me knows no bounds. Keep spreading the gospel.

    The Beach Boys- Please Let Me Wonder (Amazing Vocal Session #5a)

    I was surprised that nobody had uploaded this to youtube. Brian Wilson is the only person, that I've found, whose music gets more complex when you strip it down. This is a perfect example of such. ...
  • Alongside the original Pet Sounds version sung by Brian, this is the greatest version of Caroline No you could ever wish to hear. This is one of the most beautiful and profound songs in all of popular music and full marks to Timothy Schmidt's fabulous singing, the Beach Boys great harmonies, Jimmy Webb's superb and moving orchestration and Brian and Tony Asher's respective music and lyrics.

    Timothy B Schmit Caroline No

    Another of my favourite vocalists - Tim Schmit - here doing a fabulous version of Brian Wilson's "Caroline No".

    The background harmonies on this track are just about the best the BBs have done ...
  • This is very interesting. If, as you say, Herbert Greene is your father, I for one am very conscious of his contribution to this fabulous show. I adore Song Of A Summer Night and the welcoming intro to Big D. I also believe My Heart Is So Full Of You is the greatest ever love duet along with Bess You Is My Woman Now and If I Loved You from Carousel. I'm sorry your dad, you say, fell out with Frank Loesser but he's not forgotten at all. Herbert's name is on the album sleeve I possess for a start.

    "Joey Joey Joey" (Loesser's MOST HAPPY FELLA O.C.R) Art Lund 1956

    "Joey Joey Joey", as sung by Art Lund in the original Broadway production of THE MOST HAPPY FELLA (1956), music and lyrics by Frank Loesser.

    If you like this, check out my blog: http://listenpeopl...
  • In it's own way, The Beatles' Hard Day's Night album is as brilliant as Revolver, Pepper, Abbey Road, Rubber Soul and The White Album. Why? Because it is packed with pure songwriting standards that someone as musically brilliant and open-minded as Ella can bring out the sheer jazz beauty of the chords of A Hard Day's Night itself and, of course, her fabulous take on Can't Buy Me Love. Later she even saw the jazz merits of the lesser-known Harrison number Savoy Truffle.


    ELLA sings Beatles
    Ella Fitzgerald Helsinki 1965
    (1965) Ella Fitzgerald Quartet, namely Ella, Tommy Flanagan, Keter Bettes and Gus Johnson visited Hel...
  • Britain's greatest band since the 60s. Apple Venus Volume One is one of the finest set of songs in all music.

    XTC - Rockpalast (February 10, 1982)

    Respectable Street
    Towers of London
    Jason and the Argonauts
    Burning With Optimism's Flames
    Ball And Chain
    Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
    No Thugs In Our House
    Senses Working Overt...
  • George Harrison wrote, in his solo career, some of the most beautiful, superly constructed ballds ever written...Your Love Is Forever, Blow Away, Love Comes To Everyone, Life Itself, That's The Way It Goes, Cheer Down, End Of The Line among so many others. The Concert For George illustrates what a melodic , musical giant he was. A great guy with a philosophy the world could really learn from.

    George Harrison - "Someplace Else"

    George Harrison "Someplace Else" album "Cloud 9" 1987
  • The Beatles - "Revolver" (Mono) [Full Album]

    From the box set: The Beatles In Mono (2009 Remastered)

    01. 00:00 "Taxman"
    02. 02:42 "Eleanor Rigby"
    03. 04:51 "I'm Only Sleeping"
    04. 07:55 "Love You To"
    05. 11:02 "Here, There and Everywhere"
  • Revolver - Get Around Town (clip officiel)

    • by emimusic
    • 5 years ago
    Get Around Town, extrait de Music For A While, le premier album de Revolver disponible en cd et digital http://bit.ly/musicforawhile
    Get Around Town is taken from Revolver's debut album, Music For...
  • Hi belatedly za

    Strawberry Fields Forever In Front Of Strawberry Field

    Julian Gold plays the Beatles' classic song in the only place where it really makes sense....Strawberry Field, Liverpool
  • Fred Astaire sings and dances supremely and how could you not fall in love with a girl like Ginger Rogers...sheer class and brilliance. And as for Irving Berlin, what a songwriting colossus. From Alexander's Ragtime Band in 1911 through to You Can Have Him in the early sixties, Berlin was a tunesmith and lyricist with atalent from the gods.

    Isn't this a lovely day -Top Hat 1935

    In "Isn't This a Lovely Day (to be Caught in the Rain)", while Rogers is out riding, a thunderstorm breaks[28] and she takes shelter in a ba...
  • Who is the marvellous singer wearing a suit and tie from 1.34 to 1.44? Absolutely brilliant vocal. Please help.

    The Justice Collective - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (Official Music Video)


    Download onto your mobile handset by texting JUSTICE to 80010 NOW. Texts cost £1 + standard network rate.

    Single released 17th December 2012. It reac...
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  • Am I imagining it or are the first two songs being played in the 'difficult' keys of Eb and Db respectively?

    Beach Boys 50th CLOSEUP HIGHLIGHTS London Concert (Royal Albert Hall) September 27, 2012

    • by tusrdu
    • 1 year ago
    London was their last stop of the 50th Anniversary Tour.
    They were wonderful at Royal Albert Hall! (No Copyright Infringement Intended)
    Set List For This Video;
    Jeffrey Foskett Introduction, Do It...
  • This song is incredibly sophisticated. Paul McCartney, and indeed John on If I Fell, were really using Jazz and Broadway chords in their songs so soon after Love Me Do. Even Ask Me Why is full of jazz inflections.The Beatles loved rock 'n' roll and adored the full music palette too, full of minor 6ths, augmenteds diminisheds..that was their brilliance. They were knowledgeable, tho' never admitted, just saying "we can't read music". No, not like a classical pianist but they just knew music form.

  • How can one band have THREE songwriters of the standard of George, Paul and John. A gift from above.

    Frank Sinatra-Something

  • I am absolutely of the opinion that XTC are, musically and lyrically, the greatest band along with The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Their two decade long catalogue is absolutely stunning. I have recently purchased Mike Keneally's Wing Beat Fantastic album with most tracks written in partnership with Andy Partridge. It certainly is fantastic and my favourite album, dare I say, since XTC's Apple Venus Volume One.

    XTC - Yacht Dance Live (Old Grey Whistle Test)

    XTC performing "Yacht Dance" on the Old Grey Whistle Test in January 1982. This was recorded less than two months before Andy Partridge's nervous breakdown, and this is in fact the only time the ba...
  • You know, listening to George 's glorious guitar playing here, can you imagine if it would have been possible to have a 1992 concert of a reunited Beatles. All still young enough but,with all that playing experience over their 35 music-making years, they would have been absolutely incredible live. I'm grateful for these wonderful videos of what might have been.

    George Harrison - Something (Live in London 1992) Other Cam


    HARI & THE HIJACK BAND Live in london 1992
    (Diferent Camera)


    George Harrison (Guitar)
    Mike Campbell (Guitar)
    Andy Fairweather...
  • What is so wonderful about George's guitar playing, as so perfectly demonstrated here, is the musicality...the perfect pitch despite using a bottle neck, the tone, the composition (every note is considered and chosen). This has always been the case with George...think of all his solos from the startling, for a young pop band, jazz playing on Till There Was You with its ninths,diminished and augmented chords to the excellence of his work on Here Comes The Sun, Something and Give Me Love.

    George Harrison - Cheer Down (Live in Japan) 1991

    A performance from the album "Live in Japan" (1991), featuring Eric Clapton.
  • This shows you how hip Cliff was. The End Of The Show is a cover of a song from Beach Boy Dennis Wilson's highly acclaimed, indeed revered, solo album of that era, Pacific Ocean Blue. Regarded as a masterpiece, Cliff and The Shadows do a quite fabulous version. How cool is that?

    Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Thank You Very Much (part 6)

    4 March 1978; live recording at the London Palladium, the concert ran from 27 February till 11 March 1978;
    songs: Thank You Very Much; comments by Adam Faith, Tim Rice Olivia and Elton John ..........
  • An absolutely excellent understanding breakdown of Pet Sounds. Should be used in schools. Well done.

    "Pet Sounds" On This Day in 1966...

    On this day in 1966 The Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds" was released. "Pet Sounds" is awesome!
  • I can't stand this "which is better?" argument re Sgt Pepper and Pet Sounds. Celebrate the fact that they both exist, they're are both wonderful and moving albums and aren't we music fans lucky. Nobody has made a law that only one of these albums should exist. An equally great more recent masterpiece is XTC's glorious Apple Venus Volume One.

    The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds Promo Film

    Music video by The Beach Boys performing Pet Sounds (Promo Film) (DVD Video 5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1) (2006 Digital Remaster).
  • What a marvellous tv presenter Andy Partridge would have made. He just exudes verbal and musical talent and judging by his songwriting collaboration on Mike Keneally's superb Wing Beat Fantastic album, Andy's muse, wit and taste is as sparkling as ever. Partridge, is not only the Prince of Orange, to quote one of his great songs, he's the prince of Swindon too...a national treasure. He should get at the very least a CBE.

    Andy Partridge - Our Swindon -

    XTC's Andy Partridge gives his take on our town
  • It is so great to hear an album so charming, so inventive, so virtuoso yet touching and emotional as Mike's Wing Beat Fantastic...a triumph. This album should be a massive hit. It's up there with all the classics. It is sooo heartening that music on planet Earth has room for truly brilliant composers like Mike and his soul brother Andy Partridge. A musical marriage made in heaven (yes heaven Andy!). Cream always rises to the top and that is why the best are adored from Irving Berlin to XTC.

    Mike Keneally - "I'm Raining Here, Inside" from "Wing Beat Fantastic"

    http://www.keneally.com Mike Keneally and Andy Partridge's "I'm Raining Here, Inside" is presented in a dreamlike performance by Mike. The slow-motion effect was achieved by shooting the video at a...
  • Because the paradox is that XTC are the greatest group Britain has had since the heyday of the 60s and rank with those sixties titans, are adored by so many,many fans who hear musical and lyrical genius and yet somehow they never really cracked the best selling charts as they deserved. Apple Venus Vol One was the greatest pop/rock/orchestral album since the Beach Boys classic Sunflower, another work of genius that should have hit number one.

    XTC - I Can't Own Her

    One of my favorites composed by Andy Partridge and played by XTC.
  • This song is of a greatness everyone from Britten to Bernstein to Lennon would salute. Absolutely superb on every level.

    XTC- Easter Theatre-

    From the single " Easter Theatre"
    CD-5, Cooking Vinyl UK, FRY CD 080, 2 April 1999. multi-fold digipak.
    Written by Andy Partridge
    Solo trumpet by Steve Sidwell.

    Gold sun rolls around
  • Pure beauty from the song itself to Tom's lead vocal via the gorgeous, vocally and visually, female ensemble and the band's effortless virtuosity. Don't forget Tom at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Oh to be able to write like Jobim.

    Bebel - Tom Jobim & Banda Nova (HD High Definition)

    Musical do especial de televisão produzido pela Rede Globo em homenagem aos 60 anos do músico Antônio Carlos Jobim. Gravado em Nova Iorque, onde o maestro morava na época, consistia de entrevistas ...
  • Bruce has always been a great, great musical talent. Watch his 1975 Old Grey Whistle Test performance of this exquisite song. The Sunflower album is Bruce's favourite of the Beach Boys. It showcased the greatness of everyone in the band including Dennis Wilson (Slip On Through is so cool) and that great singer Al Jardine. Carl on Our Sweet Love just shines and Bruce's Tears In The Morning is again a beautiful and moving story in song.

    Beach Boys - Live April 26, 2012 - Disney Girls - a tribute to Bruce Johnston

    The audio is from the Beach Boys 50th reunion tour, Grand Prairie (Dallas), Texas, on April 26, 2012. Bruce sings lead on his wonderful composition, Disney Girls. The video is from a 2011 performa...
  • Bruce Johnston was a huge reason that I got into the Beach Boys in the very early seventies. His 'Tears In The Morning' had been released as a UK single and when I saw the BBs perform it on , I think, Top Of The Pops, I thought "this is marvellous stuff". I then heard Mama Cass's version of Disney Girls on BBC radio and, yes, it was another Bruce Johnston composition. Well, the magnificent Sunflower and Surfs Up were purchased by me and I found out that ALL the Beach Boys were just great.

    Bruce Johnston - Disney Girls (OGWT 1975)

    Great live performance!!
    Bruce on piano and voice.
  • The young Barry Gibb and young Keith Richards are almost identical twins!

    Bee Gees - I started a joke

    Es una canción de 1968 de su albúm "Idea", que fue lanzado en septiembre de ese año. La canción es principalmente compuesta y cantada por Robin Gibb . De acuerdo con Robin Gibb, la melodía melancól...
  • What a fantastic, fantastic singer. The Bee Gees were one of the great trio of "BE" groups, by that I mean The Bee Gees, The Beatles and The Beach Boys...all incredible writers, performers and singers. What incredible beautiful melancholy Robin added to that group. And the songs are just astonishing. Well done Robin on a brilliant career.

    Bee Gees - I Started a Joke

    Bee Gees cantando I Started a Joke, pequena homenagem a Andy e Maurice Gibb, ambos já falecidos.
  • But God's genius when creating nature was the fact that radiowaves exist. I mean, only the genius of creation, which no human began, would include the ability to send sounds and, incredibly pictures, through the air1 God gave us the brains to utilise nature's (God's) wonders. I am no religious nut but credit where it's due...something fantastic happened and I regard that as God. He even gave us The Beach Boys and Beatles. A big Thank You indeed

    The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made the Radio (Lyric Video)

    Official Lyric video for The Beach Boys "That's Why God Made the Radio".
    Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/873etq
    Like The Beach Boys on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thebeachboys
    Follow The Be...
  • THE best Eurovision Song ever in my opinion. A truly great melody with just a fabulous title.

    Domenico Modugno - Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)

    • by RabbiF
    • 8 years ago
    The 1958 Italian Eurovision entry. despite its age the quality if fairly good.
    I've adjusted the title, happy now??
  • Encouraging Words is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Absolutely beautiful and soulful on every track. I bought it when it first came out in 1970. George Harrison was writing and producing incredibly and Billy was a maestro both vocally and instrumentally.

    Billy Preston - All Things Must Pass

    Billy Preston - Encouraging Words (1970)

    Label: Apple Records
    Genre: Funk / Soul
    Style: Soul

    Billy Preston -- Vocals, Organ, Piano, Keyboards
    George Harrison -- Guitars
    Eric Clapton -- Guitars
  • I am in love with The Beatles and The Beach Boys. They both delivered great, great music.Brian and Paul love each other as friends and musical soulmates. They're mates. Mike Love was with The Beatles in India in '68. Elvis was fantastic too. But when it came to screams, The Beatles caused the greatest hysteria in pop culture ever...I don't care if they hadn't done, but that is the real historical truth.

    Beach Boys - Live (Paris, December 1970) - Part 2 (of 2)

    Beach Boys - Live (Gaumont Palace, Paris, December 8th 1970) Part 2
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