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The amazing Jone Shakka *MAx Keeping C.J.O.H TV interview w/ DerekMiller

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when i was working with the Ottawa Senators ,the Media caught up to me .at home and at the Corel center. Show less
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My Sports Entertainment Video's DANCING ON STAIRS etc... Play

I dance for Sports teams on the stairs and also a crowd motivator and I skate pretty well. ENJOY
The best moves of the night belong to the amazing Jon-E-Shakka. His dance routine during stoppages in play, is 'HALL OF FAME' material..."- Don Brennan, Writer, Sports Section; Ottawa Sun (Jan.28,1997)

"...18,000 fans will spend at least 2 minutes of the third period,
not looking at the ice, but looking at the stands... (at) a man
who has a gift for making you watch him..."
- Max Keeping, Newscaster, CJOH (Sens. game, 1998


Not only does Jon-E Choreograph all his Dance Classes and Performances, he has also been involved in Choreographing the following: "Times Of Our Life" Soap Opera (CFCF-Montreal, Quebec, 1984); the Main Dance Routine of 150 International Boy Scouts (Scouts Canada Jamboree-Thunder Bay, 1997) and assisting with the GOLD MEDAL winning Choreography of Jr. Men's Figure Skating Champion, Fedor Andreev (1998-1999)!!

All Dat Dazz dancing and teaching and original songs Play

All Dat Dazz dancing and teaching and original songs,,
What is Dazz (Dance-Fitness)
is a unique blend of Jon-E's native African Dance Style: Afro-Rhythm, combined with the following modern Dance Styles: 'Savage Jazz', Street-Dance, Break-Dancing, Acrobatics, Mime and Robotics!

All Dat Dazz Gives you Pizzaz"
I have received dance training from Instructors Eugene Poku (Owner and operator of Acro-yoga Montreal), The Shakka Dancers, The Montreal Jazz de Ballet School, Peter George and Marina Zoueva. I have completed exams in Afro-Rhythms, Street and Modern styles, Ice dancing (Coaching and Choreographing), Savage Jazz and Modern Dance to attain a unique style of high professional performance and teaching ways in dance.

I offer a rare mix of talent and experience, which I know will benefit your students, your school, the public and the entire community. Both my natural inner dance and innovative experience in rhythms have given me the necessary tools to design a dance called DAZZ. My teaching style and performance is unique and effective. My lessons are planned to work with children, teenagers and adults, in both small and large groups. . I look forward to introducing the young bright minds of the future and adults to the pleasures of Dazz dance art and Rhythms.

The styles with which I am most comfortable in instructing are: Dazz, African Dance, Afro-Rhythm, Modern Dance, Savage Jazz, Street-Dance, Break-Dancing, Acrobatics, Mime, Robotics, Hip Hop, Azonto , Bollywood, and Stage Performance!
Jon-e's Career as a Dance Instructor, began in Montreal, in 1983 when he and his brother, Eugene, taught "DAZZ" DANCE CLASSES at: M.A.D School, West Island Dance Centre, L'école les Ballets de Montréal and L'école les Ballets Jazz de Montréal.
Jon-E then moved to Ottawa in 1984 and continued teaching "DAZZ" at: Dovercourt Community Centre (1986-1987), the Jazz-Hot Dance Company (1995), Bayshore Recreation Centre (2000), Minto Skating Club (2001-2002), Cyrville Community Centre (2001), The R.A. Centre (2000-2001), Ottawa Athletic Club (2002), many local Schools and Private Schools and is currently teaching at both the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board (including Adult Classes) and the Nepean Skating Club!

The Amazing Jone Shakka is
A self-taught musician and dancer out of Canada who plays in a style you've never heard before. This native of the Asanti Tribe in Ghana, West Africa has entertained audiences with some of the biggest names to come out of Canada, like the Bare Naked Ladies Celine Dion.",Ottawa Senators,Ottawa 67's and Dance Fever,Apollo Theater, Feel Like Dancing.
Actor, Dancer, Teacher, Extra, Model, Vocalist, Voice Over
25 years experience as a Dazz Dance Instructor
30 years experience as a professional Performer
20 years experience as a professional Choreographer
25 years experience as a music Composer
20 years experience as a Children's Dazz Dance Teacher & Choreographer
25 years experience as a amateur hockey/coach/student / player in
Montreal/Ottawa/Boston /Hamiltion
developing my own unique style of dance: "DAZZ" (taught in Montréal and
independent CD releases (Ottawa, 2000, 2003,2007)

assisting in choreographing the gold-medal winning, figure skating routine
of Fedor Andreev (Ottawa, 1999)
choreographing the dance routine of all scouts, attending the International
"Scouts Canada Jamboree" (Thunder Bay, 1997)
winning medals in the following Dance Competitions: "Footloose Dance
Competition" (Ottawa, 1996); Dance Fever Competition" (Los Angeles,
California; 1981); "Dansen Montréal" (Jazz Dance, Montréal; 1987);
"Afro-Rhythm and Street Dance Competition" (Montréal; 1974)
performing for 18,000 fans during the 3rd period at Ottawa Senators' Hockey
Games (1994-2002)
releasing an independent record: "Shake Your Pants" (Sizzle Records,
Montréal; 1984)
performing as the 'Lead Dancer' in the internationally televised show: "Feel
Like Dancin'" (Montréal; 1975-1977)

The Ones that moves me today.. Play

rhythm, is a ever changing thang, and that's what i love, no 2 are the same .wether dance,music, talking, vocalizing. rhythm is essiantial , it's the soul within the soul,of the wind that stirs within U.To explode your inner imagination.
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