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  • garry is bored out of his flippin mind

    Kasparov Chess Challenge

    Grand Master Garry Kasparov, world chess champion, plays a Simul game against multiple opponents.

    Garry Kasparov, the youngest world chess champion in history at 22 in 1985, Kasparov remained t...
  • i have 50 85's with all achieves, max transmog and max gear on each.

    9 level 85s in world of warcraft with cataclyssm epics

    View it in 720p it is better so u can see them and fullscreen
  • FreewayBrent

    • 189 videos
    Videos of freeways throughout America, with an emphasis on California.
  • backpacktrot

    • 533 videos
    World air, sea & ground travels, with a U.S. and Canadian focus.
  • Freewayjim

    • 422 videos
    Music videos of my road trips and joy rides around the country. Join me at the FreewayJim Group on Facebook.
  • so how does a man of 147 yrs supposed to act? :)

    Scott & Picard ** Star Trek TNG Relics ( Holodeck )

    Scotty visits the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek on the Holodeck. A fan who recreated a life-size version of the bridge set generously donated it for use in th...
  • how can there be a driver shortage if theres not enough freight to go around to the folks who are out there now? I hear stories all the time about drivers having to sit for 3-4 days at a time waiting for loads.

    Truck Driver Shortage

    Mike Hinz, Schneider's VP of Driver Recruiting, stopped by the Diesel Driving Academy and talked about how critical truck drivers are to our economy and the driver shortage. *Video from Paradigm M...
  • 31-29 SD due to 2 missed xp's by chicago

    You Won't Believe This NFL Play 1984

    Who Won't Believe This NFL Play 1984 you won't believe this ull laugh so hard also
  • jerry, jerry, jerry.....

    The 1st Show & First Season of Jerry Springer

    The 1st Show & First Season of Jerry Springer
  • lions fans cant catch a break anywhere hehe

    Madden 09 BS - not a catch!!!

    • by buddyru
    • 5 years ago
    Guy catches ball out of bounds, but madden 09 decides it is a legal catch.... he lands about 2 feet out of bounds with both feet... so stupid!

    not to mention that henry should have swatted the p...
  • now thats how state governors are supposed to work out their differences

    The Running Man (pt 8)

  • yeah, i got bills to pay. you want to pay them for me?

    Raw Video: Elderly Man Paralyzed in Hit and Run

    PlusRaw Video: Elderly Man Paralyzed in Hit and RunRaw Video: Elderly Man Paralyzed in Hit and RunThe Associated PressConnecticut police have released video showing a 78 year old man being struck b...
  • its only a bullet, suck it up

    Guy gets shot behind shopping center

    Guy gets shot behind a shopping center
  • couldnt make it to 320 kph? u suck

  • he sucked when he played @ okie st, doesnt take much talent to hand off to barry sanders all day long

    OSU Head Coach Defends His QB's Broken Heart

    Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State football coach, breaks down and defends his Quaterback. Watch the entire show at www.theyoungturks.com
    • CC
  • so, what are you trying to say coach?

    Jim Mora Saints rant (better quality)

    Jim Mora's famous diddly poo rant with the Saints. This was game 8 of the 1996 season at Carolina. The Saints had a bye next week and Mora did not return to coach. The full box score is here: ht...
  • does there still exist the original broadcast from CBS?

    63 yard field goal by kicker Tom Dempsey (NFL Record)

    63 yard kick by Tom Dempsey. An NFL record for the longest field goal. This record is tied by kicker Jason Elam.
  • this is great, got anymore? lol

    Spokane Greyhound Bus station

    like travel? on buses? check out this reality at 5am in a Greyhound bus station waiting an hour to continue east to Montana. Greyhounding was more relaxing and cheaper than driving the 4runner.
  • figured it out, as you go in a straight line, dont hold but continuously tap U on the controller to get the speed that you need to get over the tracks.


    El Train Unique Jump for LCS.
  • how can there be a driver shortage if there is not enough freight to go around for the drivers who are out there now?

    GetTrucking.com - Bringing New Drivers to Trucking

    Professional truck drivers are in demand. Visit GetTrucking.com to find a new, rewarding career.
  • there were a couple of 6 OT games back in the 1930s. I was kinda hoping this game went 10 OT's lol

    Keith Primeau wins it in 5/OT

    vs. Pittsburgh
  • i kicked a 117 yd fg with an offensive lineman

    113 yard field goal: Madden 03

    *Please read*

    This is Madden 03.
    To do this i used a Madden card, NOT a cheat code. (I don't even think you can use cheat codes in this game)
    The Madden card allows you to have unlimited field...
  • wondering if anyone can find the triple OT thriller between LA (27) and Michigan (21) in the '84 West Semi?

    I remember MI had missed 2 chip shot FG's before LA's Mel Gray broke his arm while scoring the winning TD

    12 March 1983 - Wranglers 30, Blitz 29

    Kicker Jim Asmus kicks a field goal as time winds down to give the Arizona Wranglers their first USFL victory, 30-29 over the Chicago Blitz.
  • Hank Silas i believe. I think he was one of mama's henchmen in the movie "Dr Detroit"

    My Bodyguard Asskicking Bully Clip

    Classic video clip from My Bodyguard movie starring Matt Dillon, Chris Makepeace, Adam Baldwin, Ruth Gordon from 1980.
  • huskers had a game winning fg blocked. ended 19-19. huskers won big 8 based on higher nat'l ranking than colorado. whipped by miami 22-0 in orange bowl

    Biekert runs back an extra point.

    NU vs CU, 1991. In frigid temperatures, Greg Biekert runs back a blocked extra point. The game ultimately ended in a tie.
  • i was in lincoln visiting family at the time. going out to see the aftermath. it looked like a bomb hit the area

    Nebraska tornado


  • take away miami (fla)(85 and 86 reg season and 88 orange) and they would have had 3 straight undefeated seasons and 3 nat'l titles.

    1986 Orange Bowl Highlights

    • by Mac1994
    • 8 years ago
    A few highlights from Oklahoma's 25-10 victory over #1 Penn State to clinch the Sooners' 6th National Championship
  • cool! can i see that again? lol

    Nebraska Boredom

    This was recorded while on a long, straight stretch of I-80 in Nebraska.
  • i thought i was watching the old orang bowl games

    Miami Hurricanes vs Nebraska Cornhuskers Rosebowl

    To get this video on DVD

    Highlights of the Rose Bowl played in 2002 between the Miami Hurricanes and Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • just isnt the same until the huskers get back to where there supposed to be :)

    Huskers win at KSU

    Huskers celebrate after beating Wildcats
  • didnt that team go from #1 to the alamo bowl with a 3-4 hr period in Dec? heh

    1998 Kansas State Nebraska

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