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Joshua Johnson

Burning Man GoPro POV

33,648 views 2 years ago
Experience Burning Man through the lens of my GoPro as I strap it to my face and head out into the whimsical mayhem.

Thank you to all the burners who helped me make this video.

Music - 'Evasive action' by Paul White from the album 'Rapping with Paul White' http://www.paulwhitemusic.c...

Shot at Burning Man 2011

Shot by : Joshywashington
Edited by : Bridget O'Neill Show less
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GoPro Play

I use my GoPro to create entertaining (and sometimes bizarre) videos of my life and travels. Go to Burning Man, swim with whale sharks and go sledding through the streets of Seattle with me and my trusty GoPro!

DJI Phantom + GoPro: come fly with me! Play

Have you ever wanted to fly?
Of course you have, and this playlist will make it possible!
Take to the air with my DJI Phantom Quadcopter and GoPro Hero3 - soaring hundreds of feet int he air over cities, oceans, deserts and everywhere in between.

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