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Joshua Worden

Joshua Worden // "Midnight"

1,439 views 1 year ago

Available for purchase here: http://joshuaworden.bandcam...

From the new album, "Always This" - Release date: 6/1/13.


There's something to be said for what you do
when no one's watching you, watching you.
Those lonely moments of the soul
where the whole world is holding you
in abundant truth.

Heading down apartment stairs, cool night air,
and the midnight dew, midnight dew.
The city in its sleep as you make your way to the street
where DJs groove, DJs groove.

And it's so clear
in her eyes here
across the room.
You don't know her name
and it's all the same
you will soon.

The rhythm of you breathing; What's to see? Nowhere to be.
It's always this, always this.
The movement of her body,
pulsing beat and shuffling feet
It's always bliss, always bliss.

And you're thinking that we weren't always
so severed, so severed.
And don't you think it's a damn shame
we're so severed, so severed.

And it's so clear
alone here
in your bedroom.
And you trace the lines
of her face entwined
in her legs consumed

Video by Brian Squillace and Joshua Worden. Color by Christopher Wilkes. Show less
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