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John Rah

Steve's World Famous Brownies - the secret has been revealed by John Rah

526 views 3 years ago
Steve's World Famous Brownies - the secret has been revealed, with permission and rights reserved, by John Rah

For lovers of brownies, many years of development has gone into refining and perfecting the ultimate brownie. Known half the world over as Steve's Brownies.

follow instructions and you too can make a brownie that will change how you and your friends see the world.

400 ml cocoa
500 ml whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt

mix then add

6 large eggs or 7 medium or small
500 ml white sugar
500 ml brown cane sugar

375 grams melted butter with 2 espresso cups of coffee

bake 1 hour at about 155, is that c or f. oh my. i have an old gas oven so i don't really know.

Peace and good eats John Rah Show less
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make many more random references written, played and recorded by john rah in john rah kitchen studio christmas of 2003.

i did it to see that i could. and to attract the attention of a woman.

thanks to anny and luis and many other angels for inspiration.

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camping stories on the road stories. these stories will mostly be about algonquin park or somewhere in ontario. and the rocky mountain trip. i might get a few in from our motor bike trip in italy.
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