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World of Tanks (8.9)- Absolute Beginner's Guide

14,030 views 7 months ago
[[for a more advanced guide- as of the 4th April 2014, a more advanced guide is available here: https://www.youtube.com/wat...]]

World of Tanks (WoT) is great fun, but like all good games there are levels of complexity and some confusing features in the game.

This video will hopefully cover all that you need to know in order to understand the basics of WoT, and maybe answer those questions you had (or didn't know you had) about the game.

Sections of the video:

[Correct as of 8.9]
Tech Tree overview 04:49
Depot overview 07:07
Store overview 07:35
Service Record overview 08:20

Classes of tank 09:15

Maps overview 12:59

Gametype/ Matchmaker overview 15:17

Game settings 19:12

Silver/ Gold explanation 25:25

Crew/ tank experience 31:10

Tanks by nation overview 32:31

Crew Training 37:13

Premium tank advantages 42:40

Equipping Tank 44:50

Light / Scout tank warning 1:03:05

Equpping your tank 1:06:14

Quick tier 1 game 1:09:10

End of game stats screen 1:14:21

Researching and buying modules 1:18:08

World of Tanks Newcomer's forum: http://forum.worldoftanks.e...
World of Tanks Wiki: http://wiki.worldoftanks.eu...
World of Tanks signup/download: http://cpm.wargaming.net/cd... Show less
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