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How To Maxi A Rough Soulcalibur V Maxi Tutorial

550 views 9 months ago
A very rough Maxi video. Consider this a placeholder until I can sort the structure I like as Maxi's proving to be rather difficult to present in tutorial form for me.

Basically, I think Maxi needs to be played in a certain order. Pokes and throws first, then when they're softened up, try for the strings and looping. You can't practically get too far into the loop stuff without getting stabbed, so I didn't address it at all in this video.

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Soul Calibur V: Romping in Ranked Play

These videos are me in ranked match mode on XBL. I have been sneaking in a few good matches in these videos, and I tend to offer up what matchup and move knowledge I have as I play.
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