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Neil Ferree

How To Manage Your Social Media Presence

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Whether you are seeking a new Job Opportunity on LinkedIn or you are a small business owner or a Social SEO Consultant wanting to showcase your service offerings, its as easy as ever for a prospective client to socially vet you in a matter of minutes.

By following this social media routine you can better manage your social media presence so that your prospective clients can vet your credentials and qualifications and engage you accordingly.

Its best to do these searches signed into your Google and Bing accounts (and) in incognito mode so as to negate and minimize the personalization results when determining which social channels are your most influential social channels.

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Monetize Your Social Media

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Get Ranked on Google Play

Use these Techniques If You Want to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google. I've been able to get my Videos and my Blog Posts Ranked on Page 1 of Google and at the Top of YouTube. For example • Attorney Marketing is the #1 Video on YouTube • How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google is #1 SERP on Google Organic • My Social Shares SEO tactics would be a big help in the effort.
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