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These are podcast from live on demand episodes of Tha Underground Legend Show with your host: JboneAce tune in live at blogtalkradio.com/jboneace also if your an artist looking to get free airplay on the show submit your best tracks, a photo and links to your site to acecrew777@yahoo.com for consideration.

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JboneAce fans have never been more excited to see him in the skin he's in now. From the time I started doing my homework on this young artist it seemed that I was over taken by the respect that his followers had for him, coming from an underground artist this is not always the case. Not long ago JboneAce didn't even know what a snare drum was and never dreamed of being a music producer until he took a trip to Los Angeles, CA a few years back and got his first job on the westcoast at a drive thru convenience store. There he watched all kinds of westcoast reality unfold in his face. "Being born in Mississippi never fazed me as it did some of my closest peers, I always keep my head to the skies and shot for my dreams which I knew would come soon enough."
Now after dealing with childhood issues that ranged from foster homes in Cleveland, Ohio to living without his Biological mom and dad most of his wonder years in Mississippi, one would only think that this young man would have been locked up or somewhere else being up to no good if not six feet deep. "Not Jbone" is what he would always tell himself when faced with uphill life struggles that most of us would have been giving up on due to the nature of some of our spoiled ways here in the states.
"I just want my fans to understand that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and we as young black men and men in general have to open our eye's to a few things before it's too late and stop blaming the world for our short comings." Nooooo, I said to him joking as he said that with a smile, looking back at some of his fans who were walking by the window waving inside as we sat there chopping up the game like some masters. Last week when I got the email about the interview i thought this was a joke, till I made a phone call and found out that it was the truth. So are you as excited about your progress as your fans? "Hell to tha Yeah Shhiitt" he said with a crazy smile on his face, like what ever! Laughing out loud and constantly checking his Iphone for emails not wanting to miss any interaction with his loyal fans. It was so cool to see that from an artist on this level. Before we finished JboneAce made it his business to tell me it was all about the fans and he was nothing without them respectfully stated. Provided by artist representative

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