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Very Hot Day

882 views 2 years ago
Another Direct-To-YouTube release by me. This one is dedicated to the lovely weather we've been having :)

This one is different in approach to Sax-O-Matic. Whereas that one was all written out and arranged beforehand, so all I did when I got to the studio was record the parts one by one, this one was completely improvised and made up on the spot when I got there. I just took a bunch of instruments with me, planted myself at the studio for a day and this is what came out.

Interesting things to note about this video:

* The weird looking thing is a Chinese instrument called "Hulusi". I bought it when I was on tour in China with Marsh Dondurma a few months ago.

* Almost everything you see is first (and only) improvised takes layered on to each other; with the exception of the bass and the vocal stuff, which are cut-out parts of takes, looped over.

* Everything in the video was recorded with our new Earthworks mics. Those things are awesome, I used the same three gun condensers to record everything, including the entire drumkit.

* The entire video was shot with my Galaxy SII android phone, mounted on a makeshift stand made out of a cardboard box and a cymbal stand :)

As always, thanks to Danny for giving me unlimited time to run wild with my ideas in the studio.

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The Flight Mode Project:
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Barak Aharon - Dr., Jacob Gorensteyn - Sax, Alon Hillel - Bs., Shmoel Levinson - Keys
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