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Ryan Boundless

Real Life Japan Play

Join me as I walk the streets, meet people, go to shops and just live my everyday life here in Japan. Real Life Japan is a series in which you can see what it is really like to live in Japan. This is just my everyday normal life here. See what my life is like in Kobe and Osaka Japan. This is my city and these are the places I go, the things I do and the people I meet. Enjoy.

Life Stories Play

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am currently living in Kobe, Japan. These are some videos with stories about my life before and after I came to Japan.

Ambiance Japan Play

Japan Ambiance. Enjoyment may come from: The ambiance of everyday life scenes in Japan. Life in Japan recorded uninterrupted. Seeing life in Japan without ego involved. Hearing the sounds of Japan.

I Love Bento Play

Bento is the Japanese style boxed lunch. The videos in this playlist show the different kinds of bento you can get here in Japan. You can also see other bento related videos in this series.

Japanese Market Food Play

I'll show you the kind of stuff I buy at the supermarkets here in Japan. Learn about the products we buy here in Japan and see what they look like. Since I mostly shop at supermarkets and grocery stores I'll be showing you the food products I buy from those places. There are also traditional food markets here in Japan as well. I don't shop at those places as often, but if I do buy stuff from the traditional markets I will show that as well. Basically, since I have lived here in Kobe for a long time I know where to buy the cheapest of any product I want. Food is expensive here in Japan so knowing where to get what you want for a good price is imperative to saving money here in Japan.

Japan Answers Play

A lot of people who don't know much about Japan or have never been to Japan have some great questions. I've been living in Japan for over a decade and I'd like to help answer all those questions you have. To me there is no such thing as a stupid question. Please ask!

A Japanese Moment Play

I talk about 1 thing I saw or experienced today in Japan that left an impression on me. This is a simple diary of my life and things I experience living here in Japan. Right now I live in Kobe, Japan.
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