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06. hobby revolver

40 views 3 months ago
hobby only comes out late at nite
when im walking all alone
no one can see or hear him, no
just me & the dog

hobby always says its time to go
cos theres no more point in going on
grab the gun & point like so
shoot yer brains out all over the wall

& them brains'll splat & drip
& maybe the dog'll have a sip
he been walkin all day long
he a little bit thirsty

just as i go reaching for the gun
he's all laffs & poking fun
suicide's just a sick past-time
& well, not for real

hobby revolver.

& he can sometimes sound real mean
he got no friends, well, just like me
always wanting to end his life
in some kinda violent way

i bought a revolver the other day
think i'll use it on my way
back home from work & then i'll say
it was hobby's fault, not mine

but the neighborhood dog
comes & digs
a big round hole inside my head
licks out all the bad parts & says now its all a-okay!

& now i sit & laff & cry
thinkin oh, how i wanted to die!
or was it me who thought that
or was it just my evil twin



track 6 from evil twin.
written & recorded by raffin @ coronelfamilyhaus.
[c] ohrwurm-muzik 2014. Show less
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