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  • MABO - HAPPY DAYS [Audio] (HQ)

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    It's about to go real
    Grab yourself a chair if you wanna come chill
    Grab yourself a cup if you wanna compete
    With me so, you better keep your eyes peeled

    Tell me how it feels well it kinda start from something
    Few friends niggas some of them will be cuffin'
    Pretty little chicks go stupid and funny
    By tweetin' from their phones mechanical dummies

    Trust me homies there'll be no worries
    On my way for glories like Chucky Norris
    And except for me 'cause my name is Jeffry MABO
    And Versatile Clouds like Sir'klo and Laylow

    Maybe we can damn blow, hope we gonna damn grow
    If you say so but I'ma keep my Hustle
    In the game with my duffle and girls go puffled like
    Naomi Russell so stick to puzzles

    Reppin' Paris and The L-O-N
    D-O-N, B-I-G B-E-N
    And you can say MK but only for friends
    That I know properly so I can chill again

    Over this and overthere, looking like a Square
    Bros over Hoes, fuck em Teddy Bears
    Fuck em kissin' snares, fuck em anywhere
    The beat dingaling with a purple so it's clear

    I don't giva F 'bout whatcha really on about
    Lemme jump'n do it 'cause haters we don't care about
    Ayye.. we all are do'ers
    And I freestyle high with my boys The Coolers

    Allo Allo what it do Jeffry MABO ?
    It's Tiffany remember me the lightskin camel toe
    Yeah it was nice I'm done I passed the ball to
    Jambo, Badji, Kryston and Yougo

    2K13 with my Homie Jay
    Picadilly Circus with my homie Ray
    Catchin' Ali Drizzy from December to May
    And the better for the end Dolly for my Happy Days. Show less
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