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Big KM

Bonfire Verse

301 views 2 years ago
NEW VERSE featuring the beat by Childish Gambino BONFIRE

Lemme know what you think, i'm getting my bars up lately

Its that nigga Big KM need bad bitches to save him
Saving me from myself in case my heath isnt sustaining
Bored out of the shooters so im driving down the lane
That's a penny for your thoughts bout how these other niggas lame
That's what im saying, im insane out of my mind got evicted
Now im just spitting headless horseman type rhythms at all the cynics
Who sit their behind a desk and blog bout whose the dopest
While they waddle out their houses in florida feeling myopic
Get a motherfuckin dictionary bitches say my dick is scary
When it whip it out like milk maids was whipping dairy
Bust on the scene like a wardrobe malfunction
Runaway train flow spitting conjunction junctions
I run shit, used to get noticed as a kid prodigy
Now most of these so called niggas don't even come and bother me
I feel like a T.H.U.G. getting skating niggas to sponsor me
Like honestly im honest so what the fuck else you want from me
I murder beats and get away while sipping OJ
And everybody got me yeah they knows fucking cocaine
Yall should recede like rasheeds hairline no rogain
Yall are so plain this my domain swear these niggas aint got no names
Tryna go pro without no game?
That's like letting propane leak out and letting me spit my dope flames
Niggas burned out, im sorry that im dropping it so harshly
But you got gasoline lyrics and this L I'm down for spark it Show less
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