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Ishewz - One Of Them Days [Official Video]

125 views 2 months ago
Beat Produced by
Video by
James 'Noel' Willes

Its just one of them days, Feeling do nothing but laze,
Don't even smoke no more but feeling to pick up a benners and blaze,
Waste away my time, waste away my mind,
Waste away my life with all of these problems I talk through my rhymes,
Im sick of my girlfriend keep ringing me bugging me giving me aggrevation
Im sick of my work and i think I deserve to quit and get me a vacation,
Just lie on a beach, water splashing my feet,
Holding a coconut hollowed out swallowing alcohol and something sweet,
Change of scenery, yehhhh that's what I need,
Instead I be stuck in this grey and repeating existence I call being me,
Its so depressing, It aint no good,
I would hand in my notice and quit being ian if I thought that I could,
Tired of working so hard, tired of trying to learn,
Tired of being so tired my candle has run out of ends to burn
All this worrying troubles me doubles up daily making me stressed,
Aint getting no younger, I know my time is receding like hair on my head,
What if that's it? What if the best aint yet to come,
Ive peaked already in life and now my time to shine is gone
Or maybe im wrong, I should carry on spitting and repping my mannor,
I wana stack like pogs and hope that i dont see the slammer
I wana spend my weekends living like a stock broker
whos over delivered and reached all of hes stock quota
Exceeded targets, seedy bars with suited douches
Expletive spending, obscene weekending with hoochie flooseys,
Ooo hes, so cold when hes flowing that's got to stand for something
I stand up for whatevers right otherwise I stand for nothing,
Man your fronting if your saying that im rapping poor,
Compared to me your Charlie Im the golden rapper your looking for,
That's willy wonka you plonker im here to conquer you
Bonkers when I be rapping im smashing through like a conker do,
Im acidic when i flow just like you been hitted with a drop of blood
From a shottie to the dome of a xenomorphic ripley foe
Oh jeeze I go, out of my mind when I be spitting
Taking my time to recite all what ive written,
Gimy a sign and then ill come make a killing
Keep on spitting my bars to make a living uh,
Ha shit, aint got time for that

Just need to bide my time, recite my lines,
Sort it all out and get a grip on my life Show less
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