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iSALUS Healthcare

Why iSALUS Healthcare?

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Frustrated with your current EHR or are looking into implementing a new solution for the first time? Request a demo: http://www.isalushealthcare... or give us a call at 1-888-280-6678 to see the iSALUS difference!
This is a story about Dr. Bob. What really makes him happy is delivering quality patient care. After all, that's why he went to school. Two years ago he selected an Electronic Health Record to avoid 2015 payment penalties for Medicare. He was excited about the possibilities and thought it would change everything.

But it turns out, Dr. Bob wasn't happy with his EHR. It was slow, cumbersome and overall highly inflexible. He could probably live with these things, but what he can't live with is the disruption it causes to patient care. He feels like he's trying to care for his patients through a wall. It's not what he had hoped for and he feels trapped by an EHR that was supposed to liberate him.

We wish we could say Dr. Bob's case was unique. Unfortunately, seventy-nine percent of providers surveyed by Medical Economics say that their EHR was not worth the effort. Luckily for Dr. Bob not all EHR solutions are created equally. He'd finally had enough and called iSALUS Healthcare, the makers of OfficeEMR. His front office staff loves the intuitive appointment scheduler and he appreciates the clinical design. Now all the information Dr. Bob needs is just a click away. He and his staff are happier at work because he's removed the obstruction from he and his patients and this allows him to deliver better patient care. Show less
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