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Zak Mering

GUNKTV Volume 1 (Transfered From VHS)

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Compiled & created in 2010 by Zak Mering in Bushwick @ Melrose Place Studios using multiple VCRs, a TV, an old projector and an old IPhone with an RCA cable adapter. Limited VHS copies were dubbed one at a time, took a week straight of not leaving my room. 20 copies were dubbed and hand numbered out of 20, and the cases themselves were actually hand painted as well. #7/20 and #13/20 had the VHS tapes painted themselves not just the cases, those are the rarest of the rare. Consider it very rare if you happen to have an actual copy of the GUNKTV Volume 1 VHS tape at all. Hold onto it, as its a very valuable artifact documenting a very specific scene and time period (2010 GUNKTVRECORDS scene in Bushwick). Special thx to Natalie Rodgers, Tyler Thacker, Reuben Perelman, Sam Mehran, Todd Ledford, James Ferraro, Zac Davis, Ariel Pink, Kevin DiTrapano, Adam Jordan, Adriana Alba, & many more for your video direction and all your help! The term "GUNK" was coined by Ariel Pink, James Ferraro and Sam Mehran, describing it as (paraphrasing here) "an adjective for example, the background new wavish type band that plays in obscure low budget B films from 80s movie party scenes." "That band is so GUNK" was what either James, Ariel or Sam once said. Then it was taken upon myself to choose it to be the name of our new collective/record label/crew after adding on the "TVRECORDS", we got "GUNKTVRECORDS" which was born in 2009-2010 in Bushwick, NYC. It all kinda started with a performance for New Years Eve hosted by Brian Sweeny (Body Actualized Curator) in which Ariel Pink headlined and Outer Limits Recordings played its only show which had an all star line up including Tyler Thacker (Greatest Hits, Lodro), James Ferraro (Bodyguard), Ryan Howe (Punks On Mars), Ian Drennan (Big Troubles), and myself, Zak Mering (Raw Thrills, Greatest Hits, Mak Zering), came on stage just to perform our hit song of the year "The Sweethearts - Burnin Through The Night" which was written by Sam and myself and had many accolades online, topping the list of many different esteemed blog writers top song lists. Then Ariel performed and told Sam and I to DJ for him and personally fuck with his set which was just us playing his records (vinyl) and purposefully skipping the record and kinda just giving people a poor performance intentionally (this was before he assembled his Haunted Graffitti band.) Ariel stayed over our house that night in which we recorded a little instrumental loop together which I have never released or even played for anyone and then he recorded the brilliant "Suicide Mission" with Sam and James in Sam's room just across the apartment. That song can be found on Outer Limits Recordings - "Birds, Bees, Baby's, Bacteria" album released on Sewage Tapes digitally last year. Anyways the night after that recording session, Ariel performed at the "Rock N Roll Circus" at which after his performance I had the chance to introduce him to Sky Ferriera whom I knew from Los Angeles, Ariel went on to blow up with his band "Haunted Graffitti", Sam went to Los Angeles then back to New York, Tyler and myself went to Paris, France to live and record for 3 months as well as performing Greatest Hits shows throughout Europe (Sweden, England, and Paris) then returning to NYC, and the rest is history. Link to that "Suicide Mission" track:

http://sewagetapes.bandcamp... Volume 1 includes music videos from Greatest Hits (Tyler Thacker & Zak Mering), Outer Limits Recordings (Sam Mehran), The Sweethearts (Zak Mering & Sam Mehran), Raw Thrills (Zak Mering), Alice Cohen, James Ferraro, Sky Juice (Zac Davis), Stellar Om Source (Christelle Gualdi), Ariel Pink, Geneva Jacuzzi, Jean Michel Jarre, Midnight Star, Scritti Politti, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Prince, vintage commercials and many more obscure and fun videos! Inspired by and kinda like TV carnage but more personal and more of our friends and our own videos. This volume 1 was transferred from VHS to a digital medium late March for the first time ever. Up until now, it has only existed in the VHS realm limiting its exposure strictly to those lucky enough to have a copy of it and have a VCR that still works. Special Thx to Ben Forshay for the transfer. Now its on the internet and in its complete form, they way it was intended to be watched, (about 110 minutes).

To purchase mp3s heard in this video and more from the same artist:
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or even better feel free to email me (Zak Mering) if you have any questions, donations (paypal), booking, or concerns regarding this compilation: evenbetterstill@gmail.com

Eventually DVD-R copies of GunkTV Volume 1 will be on sale over at:
GUNKTVRECORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM has news and important update on releases!

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