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Dell Schanze

Paramotor!! Coolest Sport Ever!! Powered Paragliding The Best And Safest Equipment On Earth!!

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800-707-2525 http://u-turnusa.com paramotor powered paragliding introduction. Paramotoring is the coolest sport ever invented and is the funnest thing you will ever do IF you get quality gear and instruction. Because it is an ultralight aircraft and no license is required there is a lot of gear out there that doesn't have even the most basic common sense safety designs. Zero deaths have ever happened on Flat Top paramotors though as they were designed by the very best pilot and instructor in the world. SUPERDELL Schanze is the WPPGA Paramotor World Champion. He also built the 4th largest computer retailer in the Western United States and retired at age 30. He spent the time and money and definitely had the experience & wisdom to build the best and safest paramotor in the history of the sport. The Flat Top paramotor. The Flat Top is without question the very best paramotor on the market today with no real competitors.

Safety, power to weight ratio, durability and reliability are extremely important factors when getting into aviation. With a ridiculous safety track record like the Flat Top has it is no wonder it is the #1 unit today. It has taken many years and countless hours of refinement to perfect the world's ultimate paramotor. Now it creates a whole new class of aircraft. A truly portable backpack aircraft that can carry over 600 lbs, fly over 18,000 ft without tuning, has a range of up to 280 miles and with the durability and reliability that is all Flat Top. Despite the fact that all the best and wildest pilots fly them, still to date ZERO people have ever died on Flat Top paramotors. Countless people have been injured & killed on other brands though so make sure you get a Flat Top when you want to get in the air. New or used the revolutionary design is absolutely incredible. It has no many features no other unit in the world has that it is no wonder the choice of champions. 100% of all the top competitors in the WPPGA Paramotor World Championships use Flat Top paramotors.

For more information on how you too can get up in the sky on the funnest and safest backpack aircraft ever invented just contact the global distributor at:

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