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[Convention] Imari Yumiki @ Animation on Display AOD Day 0

439 views 5 months ago
Animation on Display aka AOD in San Francisco, CA. This is day 0 of AOD and stuff I did to get ready a bit of Swap Meet highlight. There wasn't much to it today, tomorrow will be awesome though. However today I did a lot of photoshoots so photos will be up at least on other websites! Haha. Thank you for viewing! Show less
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Imari Yumiki @ Conventions! Play

Just my adventures at different conventions will be posted here. It's my experience and certain things I do/go through. I'm not really covering an event and such. So it may be a bit boring but you get to see at least a bit of the con through my eyes basically. Thank you for viewing!

[Game ZONED] Saints Row IV Play

Complete play through of Saints Row IV.
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