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Kevin Dellinger

Kevin Dellinger - Human Transition

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Human Transition
by Kevin Dellinger

What brings you to the point
Where you feel you had enough?

Always exposed to the worst
When you know this is not you

You question all on why
Evil justifies the means

You realize it's for control
This is not really you

They control your mind
Train you not to feel at all

The emotions get supressed
Until you feel you want to fall

Your spirit comes to the surface
where you fight to cry

You are trained this is a weakness
Deep down you know it is a lie

Then you pray to God
to help you with this pain

The end result is nothing
with no one to explain

Then you act out in Emotion
They say it is a crime

You say you had enough
Then you get back into line

Others are affected on how you really feel

They say you need vacation, therapy, or a pill

Then there is the institution it's the final call

You know deep down inside this is not you at all

It is all about Control
It is not about Compassion

The truth is we are only love and emotion
But in this Human Transition
There is no trust, fairness, or system of devotion

Blame it on Genetics and our DNA
But you are on a path of Destruction
There is nothing else to say

except it is the Human Transition

Copyright Kevin Dellinger. All Rights Reserved. 2013

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