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Urban Terror 4.2 - Fan Teaser Trailer

358 views 1 year ago
Download Urban Terror 4.2 now from : http://www.urbanterror.info...

Urban Terror 4.2 has just come out, and I wanted to celebrate the release and thank FrozenSand for all their hard work by making a Fan Teaser Trailer.

The target demographic of this teaser trailer is the Urban Terror players, but I hope anyone else will enjoy it as well.

Thanks to FrozenSand for allowing me to make this video and helping me by sending the original .psd file of the characters.

Facts about the video :

- Made in Hitfilm
- 5½ days of work on the visual
- 1 days working on the sound
- Each character was divided in two images (except for the male) -- Hair and body
- The video is 108 Mb Show less
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