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Video of the Week -- igus on tour for iglidur's 30th anniversary

126 views 5 months ago
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A car fitted with bearings will travel the world to celebrate the iglidur success story

For thirty years, iglidur bearings from polymer expert igus have been an asset to multiple applications around the world, from the cars we drive to the production plants that build them. To celebrate this thirty-year-long success story, an igus orange car fitted with iglidur bearings is currently touring the world to visit customers, exhibitions and branches in countries as far as India, China, Japan and the United States.

An effective alternative to metallic plain and roller bearings, these self-lubricating iglidur bearings are maintenance-free and offer the potential for enormous cost and weight reductions. They are thus a great fit for a variety of automotive components, including throttle valves, hand brakes, alternators and sliding blocks used to guide the convertible top up and down, as well as gear modules and windscreen wiper mechanisms. Show less
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Plastic bearings have plenty of advantages over standard metal bearings. The are often cheaper, definitely lighter, they do not rust and they do not need lubrication, hence saving time and money on maintenance. Watch our videos to see them perform in real life applications, how they're assembled, how long they last and much much more...
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